1. “yeah, i did. Wacha gonna do about it? Cry?”

  2. Omg he’s adorable!!!! I have a Berner too

  3. Hahaha, a willful admittance! So cute.

  4. He has the the German spirit

  5. r/guiltydogs

  6. I think a guy in GB got tossed in jail for teaching his dog the same trick. Be careful dude, that dog will get you arrested.

  7. arrest me i dont wanna stay here anymore u suck!

  8. Yes sir I did this any problem I am that wild animal

  9. “I killed it for you dad! Me! It was me!”

  10. Listen, least he’s honest

  11. Mein doggo

  12. Well trained Dog. Love it

  13. Hi-five!

  14. Too cute lol

  15. u/savevideo

  16. Who could be angry?

  17. 😂😂😂So, what you gonna do?!

  18. You’re sure he’s not Austrian… 😉

  19. My dog does the same and then he struts around like he just saved our lives lol

  20. u/savevideobot

  21. He’s trying to tell him a Nazi did it.

  22. Did your dog come from Germany?

  23. Auf der heide blüht ein kleine blümelein

  24. German Shepard

  25. U/savevideobot

  26. /u/savevideobot

  27. 🙋‍♂️🐶🗿

  28. “I liked it i was good at it i felt alive”

  29. Owh~ Honest boi :3

  30. Wait Wait it’s not what you think….the cat he did it um…..

  31. Omg…I love it! He’s sooo darn cute!!

  32. u/savevideobot

  33. Who’s a good boy…lol

  34. That is the dog that hitler wanted 🙋‍♂️🇩🇪

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