Hasan viewers are still going at Destiny with G-slurs

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Hasan viewers are still going at Destiny with G-slurs

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  1. it’s an easy point to prove that they’re using it because of his family’s origin.

    would they call him that if his heritage was let’s say french or german? if no, then the only reason they call him that is his cuban heritage

  2. If you make an effort towards tailoring your use of racial/ethnic slurs to fit whomever you are trying to attack, yeah, it’s racism or xenophobia.

    Simple as that.

  3. As a fairly neutral observer – why does Hasan care so much about that word?

    He seems like he hates engaging with Destiny nowadays. And it would be so easy to be like “I’m not latino and I don’t speak Spanish. My understanding of the word based on its history was that the word is not a racial slur. But some people disagree so I’m just going to defer to them and stop using the word.” Then he never has to deal with this shit again. It feels like such an easy win to avoid it and I doubt his audience would care (in contrast if Hasan capitulated about cracker I feel like his audience would care).

  4. I just don’t understand why this is a debate just don’t use racial slurs it doesn’t matter if it’s “not well known”.

  5. This is evolving more towards a community war instead of the actual streamers. Take some of the biased titles as an example

  6. People were typing up 10 paragraph comments yesterday defending the word usage, yet none of those reasons applied to this Destiny guy.

  7. I don’t care about Hasan or Destiny, but i’m gonna be honest doubling down on something not being a slur when a Cuban-American dude is literally telling you it is one is dumb as shit, especially if you’re a more far left progressive streamer like Hasan is, like its just the dumbest shit imaginable, dude’s gotta get a grip and just take a breath then look at the situation again, then again content is content

  8. How hard is it for Hasan to admit he’s wrong. Hasan has done it before when he assured that Russia wouldn’t invade Ukraine and was eventually wrong. His ego is in space right now.

  9. It’s rich how Hasan claims that gamba is bad for kids, but then uses racial slurs on stream. Don’t get me wrong I’m against gamba. However, God forbid a 9 year old starts to gamble but I guess it’s perfectly fine to teach them new racial slurs to call people when they don’t like them.

  10. I don’t care if Hasan viewers are being annoying man, stop the drama baiting for the love of god.

    It’s been a whole week non stop. Are you not entertained?

  11. Ha he’s still trying to milk this into actual drama, destiny had his moment yesterday and is trying to prolong it as much as he can

  12. Absolutely nothing I’ve read about this word online implies it is in any way racist. It was used by Cubans against other Cubans that were anti-revolution.

    When and how did the word become a slur? (I hadn’t even heard of it prior to two days ago lol)

  13. Did he not defend the US embargo on Cuba? I don’t like using any derogatory words like that, but isn’t it a political slur like commie? I guess that’s more if you’re using it in a Spanish-speaking context?

  14. Cuban is neither a race nor ethnicity, you guys gonna start calling “yankee” or “britbonger” ethnic/racial slurs now?

  15. Very interesting how Destiny stans will do whatever they can to over-explain and defend his n word usage, I know your dying to use the n word yourselves so might as well right now in public say it unlike your coward streamer hahaha