HALPS!! I HAS BEENS AWTTACTEDS!!! I was justs mindings…

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HALPS!! I HAS BEENS AWTTACTEDS!!! I was justs mindings meow’s businesses, prawcticings my I fits, I sits rights, whens I was SATTED ONS!!! Hes is fats too. Thens hes starteds Bathings! ONS MEEES! I needs cawpensations for this trawvesties!!! I NEEDS A PAWYERS NOWS!!!

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672 shares, 849 points


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  1. Youz just lying dere being furry rug! Youz have pawz and a mouff that meowlz and yeowlz! Fur up for yourself! Struggle, yeowl, and get out from underz that fatt catt. Then, steal his fud and catnip meece. That’ll teaches datt catt.

  2. HA HA HA

    YOU kneogh I am dominunt to you!! I can sit WHErefur I LIK. AND I can lick lick lick and have a bath WHEREFUR I LIK. Oh you want to be dominunt? Well then why don’t YOU Make sure Momy and Dady get upp to fed us brekfast? WHO is it who tells them? ME OF COURSE. WHO is it who maks sure we have dinur purrnctually? ME Of course. YOU ask me to, do you nott? YOU say You are too timmid, would I do it, oh yes you let me do all the werk, well what comes with that I ask yough? DOMINUNCE!!! YOu ASKED me to sit on topp of you to kep you warmm, do you forgot? YES YOU FORGOT now you are running to a pawyer to complan. Well dont forget to tell them who always lets you hav the nicest bit of kibble FURST

    Also it is MY box do you forgot that already, you has the BEDDD. YOU DO NOT TEL the hol STOREIS! I would demandd equus time except that is for hoarses.

  3. Hims is very fats.. but if you stelz all tha treetz and fudz then yus wil bees the big chonker and can sitz on hims

  4. Bottom cat is counting.. one…. two…three… in a few moments top cat will be schooled about sitting where he’s fitting.