1. It’s like we (humans) have forgotten that we’re part of this ecosystem and it’s our own habitat that we’re destroying. We watch it happen to other species first as if we’re completely separate from it. Madness.

  2. Humanity is a cancer on this world

  3. “Humans have destroyed half of the world’s remaining dinosaurs.”

  4. Crazy but not unexpected knowing how we roll

  5. If you want to help the health of bird populations one small step you can take is keeping cats indoors. Letting cats outside introduces non native predators that destroy bird populations.

  6. With no more insects to eat they’re the next up the food chain I guess?

  7. Damn those windmills…

  8. There was something about since 1970 Florida lost somewhere around a 3 billion birds. THAT’S RIDICULOUS

  9. Little wonder. Barn Swallows and Swifts have virtually disappeared on Indiana farmland – why? Not climate change, not land conversion….freaking herbicides and pesticides. Will we never learn? Same for bees, bugs, especially flying insects as they flit from plant to plant picking up ever more poison. Yummmm. Pesticides and Herbicides – the Brawndo of America.

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