Had a 12 hour stopover in Iceland and decided to quickly…

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  1. Hi everyone,

    As some of you are asking some information about visiting the volcano:

    I got a car rental at the airport and drove to the volcano area and parked at P1. It’s about a 30 minute drive from the airport. See [here](https://www.visitreykjanes.is/en/volcano-eruption/eruption-information/hiking-and-parking) for details.

    From the parking you walk about 1.5 hours depending on your fitness. The distance one way is about 7km. You can’t miss the trail as there are literally 100s of people walking it 🙂 The trail has some elevation gain (I think about 500m) but is not difficult. Proper foot wear is recommended as it has super rocky areas. Also: Bring a good flash/headlight if you’re going down in the evening/night. I actually walked down much faster because of my proper flashlight.

    I started walking around 730 pm, reached the volcano at about 9 PM, spent a few hours photographing and watching the changes in the volcano craters and lava. Made my way back around midnight and arrived at car at 1:15 AM.

    Photo was made with DJI Mavic 2 Pro. You can’t (and also don’t need to) fly high because of many planes and helicopters. Be careful with getting too close to the lava as you can melt your drone.

    If any questions, feel free to ask 🙂 And for my other work, feel free to check out my [portfolio](https://www.albertdros.com).



  2. What did you do for transportation? Did you hike from the road? How long was the hike? We were there 2 months ago and missed this (again) and are considering going back for this. Thanks, great pic!

  3. Twitter updates from OP:

    “Hey guys check out this awesome new volcano in Iceland! #icelandvolcano #hot”


    “Hey guys I fell in the lava and died! #hottestselfiechallenge”

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  5. At first glance I thought this was a satirical post making fun of the ridiculous titles people post in this sub about what they endured to get the shot.

    Must’ve been awesome/scary to be that close.

  6. Does anyone know how long this eruption will last? I am going early September and I am considering this side quest.

  7. Fagradalsfjall! I spent countless hours watching the live stream last year. I’m glad it’s back, curious how long will it last this time.