1. Surely Haas is a good option for Danny Ric compared to sitting out/ Merc reserve driver?

  2. Does Ric have his number?

  3. Probably best Ricciardo just makes the call and take the seat. If he takes a year out its probably still the only seat he can realistically find himself in anyways.

  4. I don’t believe for a second Danny is still in F1 because he loves it. I think that ship has sailed and I think at this point he’s still in it for the money or his ego. Don’t get me wrong, I like Danny, but his refusal to consider Williams or Haas when he has no other options is very telling as to where his head is or perhaps where it’s not these days. I personally don’t think he has a ton of passion for driving in F1 anymore. His career has been on a downward trajectory since he left Red Bull despite performing well at Renault.

    If Danny truly loved F1, he would be taking any pay cut to go to any seat he could to remain in the sport. Taking a reserve role with the hope of a 2024 seat is never going to work with the history of the last two seasons behind him. He’s going to be judged by his most recent track performances and as a result he will be overlooked for younger drivers with more potential to grow.

    Being an 8 time race winner isn’t carrying much for him these days.

  5. He needs to pull his head out of his arse and realise he hasn’t got a lot to offer right now that teams can’t find somewhere else. He’s been routinely destroyed by Norris over the last two years; his stock is not very high at all.

  6. Would love to see Danny at HAAS. He loves the US and would be a great brand ambassador there for HAAS’ F1 operations.

  7. Narrator (smirks): … He doesn’t.

  8. Welcome to world of KMAG: Good talent, but a shitty car….

  9. Dani should call Rossi and bury the hatchet. Business is business.

  10. I’d love to see Daniel drive for Haas. It’s my selfish wish.

  11. It must be reassuring as Mick to make it seem like you are the worst driver, not even worth considering.

  12. Would Haas be able to afford Ricciardo? I know his value won’t be as much as what McLaren signed him for… But his salary would still be in the millions.

  13. Looks like it’s between Ricciardo and Hulkenberg

  14. I so want him at Haas Fave team and driver

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