1. I’d have punted my passenger out of the moving vehicle for that.

  2. Passenger who doesn’t own the car: “pffffft what an asshole! That douchebag really fucked us over! What the fuck! Anyways can you drop me off at home?”

  3. Who needs pocket sand when you have a pocket rock.

  4. Dam imagine someone trying to kill you and then people try and tell you you should be nicer to them.

  5. y’all stop pretending he didn’t deserve it, you could easily kill someone on a motorcycle like that

  6. Fuckkk yeaaaaaa

  7. It’s 2022. Let’s stop pretending retaliation is worse than instigation.

  8. Not his first rodeo…

  9. “Don’t bring a water bottle to a rock fight”

    -That Biker… probably

  10. A single water bottle can and has thrown people of bikes it dose not take much

  11. An eye for an eye something something…

  12. Theyre all assholes. .

  13. Love me some petty retribution.

  14. Should have let the ignorant be ignorant instead of escalate it like that. Flip them off in return and let them drive away.

  15. I don’t know how wholesome that is. Biker could have passed the van up and ignored the bird.

  16. All I see are 2 maladjusted assholes who resort to childlike behavior.

  17. I feel bad for the driver

  18. Oh, so the opposite of wholesome across the board?

  19. Do we know what started the situation? This seems a bit out of context

  20. not wholsome both people are idiots but only one caused actual damage and then ran away like a little bitch

  21. Y’all need more Buddhism in America

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