Guy knows how to whoop ass

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Guy knows how to whoop ass from DocumentedFights

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362 shares, 818 points


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  1. If you ever see a mfer calmly prepping for a fight.. tightening laces, stretching out, dressing down, etc., and your fight skills are ehh, walk away.

  2. This is one of my fav all time videos, I’ll watch every repost. It’s got everything you want in a fight video
    – worthy loser and a worthy winner (bully and bullied in this case)
    – random humor (second pair of baggy ass shorts underneath lmao)
    – not doing too much once it’s over, you win walk away
    – It has where are they now potential.

  3. Nah bro took off the shorts to uncover a second pair of slightly shorter fighting shorts💀Fool should’ve ran tf away after seein that shit

  4. Guys over 5’11 believe they’re invincible. They often get destroyed by other guys half their height and half their body weight.