Guy dropped his phone into a pit toilet. Decided to take his…

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  1. What I’m trying to figure out is, did the poo diver take the toilet apart first or did he actually think he would fit down that thing?

  2. Not my photo. But the photo and story have been circling around my small community for the last few days. I believe this happened on Friday or Saturday.

  3. I donno, I see this more as: “Pervert discovered in toilet while waiting for strangers to defecate on him”

  4. Lots of people here saying this was a kink, that or stupidity are probably correct, ***however…***

    Maybe I’m trying to give this guy way too much consideration, but that’s obviously a remote campground he’s at. I’ve done lots of solo road trips and camping trips. And at any point on those, if I had lost my phone I’d be fucked. My maps/itinerary/family contacts are all on that phone. I’m not proud of this, but if I had lost my phone on some of my stops, I wouldn’t even know which direction to take from the campground to get back to civilization.

    Maybe he just panicked at a similar thought? Idk, I still would have tried everything BUT crawling in there, but idk… I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but the more I type the less justifiable this seems.

  5. Damn… I’m just glad it only took one day to find the guy. Can only imagine what was going through his head during those 24 hours

  6. I’ve seen this more than once at music festivals (ladies and gents both facing the same situation).

    Guys – that phone is gone. Wading through shit is NOT worth the cost a replacement phone. It’s dead anyway – Apple splash resistent claim does.not apply to chemical toilet / septic tanks.

    Your phone is water resistent, not shit and piss resistent. There is a fairly obvious distinction.

    Cut your losses, try and have a bit of a chuckle about it…. Do NOT go toilet diving. I promise the phone is not worth it.

  7. Something seems off here. Could just be me but I can’t even fathom the concept of getting into a sewage pit for my cell phone.

    If my phone falls in that thing then mentally it’s the same to me as if I dropped it out of an airplane… fucker is gone, that is that.

  8. Lucky he got stuck. Possible H2S could have gotten him had he made it in and stirred up some pockets.

  9. And it’s a disabled toilet. I’d be like Roy and just say “I’m disabled” to the first person opening the door and act the whole thing out to the end.

  10. Why didn’t he use his phone to call for hel…oh wait, that’s right… nerrrmind jus nerrrmind

  11. I would’ve just accepted that the phone is trashed. But I guess one mans trash is another mans treasure.