Gunther Steiner: “Fans would love a Hülkenberg-Magnussen duo…

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Gunther Steiner: “Fans would love a Hülkenberg-Magnussen duo in 2023”

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  1. ‘Hey, what if one midrunner from 10 years ago teamed up with another midrunner from 10 years ago in one of the worser cars on the grid. Pants round the ankles stuff, right?’

  2. what is going on with gunther ? it seems he is trying to find the problems only in Mick and once he is gone the car is magically in the midtable. where is the car from the start of the seasons gunther? where are the ferrari Upgrades gunther? what is going on with strategy calls gunther ? pitstops? gunther needs to show he has the answers to these questions if not haas needs a new person in that spot.

  3. I like Gunther less and less the more he speaks.

    The crazy amount of disrespect he shows Mick is mind boggling. Mick really never had a shot.

    I like Magnussen as well but I’m thrilled Mick is out classing him right now.

  4. I don’t see it. With Mick at least you have potential for growth given his young age. Hulk is 35. Most drivers still on the grid at that age are former world champions.

  5. Boring boring boring, hulkenberg? Come on, he’s already had his chance with several teams, can we get a new exciting talent maybe? The only thing less exciting than this move would be if he brought grosjean back.

  6. Haas is a joke if they let go Mick, Mick deserves to be in F1 and if Haas decides to choose Hulkenberg over Mick, the team clearly has no goals to be better. Mind you, Mick is beating KMag in races yet they’re deciding to sack Mick. Joke of a team.

  7. **Gunther Steiner: “The fans would love a Hülkenberg-Magnussen duo in 2023″**

    ***Haas still hasn’t signed a driver for its second seat and Steiner doesn’t rule out a Hülkenberg-Magnussen pairing.***



    Haas’ second seat remains unoccupied for next season and Gunther Steiner is not closing the door on other drivers outside the team as he states that Mick Schumacher’s chances of re-signing are 50/50.

    Schumacher is not sure of his seat

    Mick Schumacher does not yet have a Formula 1 seat for next season, and it is not clear that he will retain his current seat at Haas either. American team boss Gunther Steiner says there is no pressure on them to rush to renew the driver and that, at present, the likelihood of him renewing is 50/50.

    “There are a lot of questions floating around, but the probability of Mick renewing is 50%. We don’t want to set a date to make a decision, that puts you under pressure and we don’t want that, we would only be playing against ourselves. We don’t really have any pressure, unlike everyone else, it’s an advantage we don’t want to waste,” Steiner said in an interview with RTL.

    **Other options on the market**?

    Should the American team decide not to renew #47, they will have to look for an alternative on the market. One of the most talked-about names has been Hülkenberg, and Steiner does not rule out his interest, saying that a pairing of him and Magnussen would be ideal.

    “A driver like Nico brings experience and we wonder what he could do to improve the team and take us to the top. With a young driver you tend to take more risks because you don’t know how far he can go. I think the fans would love a Hülkenberg-Magnussen pairing in 2023,” said Gunther.

    Finally, another driver to be released at the end of this season is Daniel Ricciardo, who was recently announced as not continuing with McLaren. The Australian’s future remains uncertain as it is not known whether he will take a sabbatical, with Haas team boss Gunther commenting that it is up to the driver himself to decide what to do about his situation.

    “Daniel has to decide for himself in his situation what he wants to do. It doesn’t make much sense to convince him to do something, he has to decide for himself. If he feels like it, he will certainly call us and if he doesn’t, he will probably take a sabbatical or something else,” said Gunher Steiner in conclusion.

  8. Would prefer a better car before a couple of D listers. The team is depressing. Mick never got a worthy car to race in. I have lost a lot of respect for Gunther.

  9. I don’t want more Hulkenberg. He was fine but he’s now old and been out of the sport for too long.

    If anything I’d rather see Mick v Hulkenberg. Mick is improving quickly and has a lot more upside than Hulk does at this point.