Guardians fielding a division-championship team — for $130…

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Guardians fielding a division-championship team — for $130 million less than White Sox

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  1. This was mostly just an evaluation year for us, determining which younger guys are a part of our future since we have a massive 40 man roster crunch coming up. So winning the division is really just gravy. I think that locking up Jose, Clase and Straw bodes well for the future, and I think within a year or two you’ll see us extend a couple more guys and start dealing our prospects for win-now guys. Bieber is probably still going to get traded, though.

  2. props to kendall graveman, who referred to the guardians brand of baseball as ‘good’, rather than ‘disgusting’ as some people like to claim

    > “That’s a great team over there,” said Kendall Graveman, whose $8 million salary to pitch in relief would be the Guardians’ second highest salary after Ramirez. “That’s a team we’ve seen all year. Terry Francona and their staff have done a good job with a young group of guys they’re teaching the game of baseball to and they play a good brand of baseball.

  3. Cleveland deserves it and im sick of reading sox fans or other outlets saying they don’t/shouldn’t

    Im aware this isn’t the article I’m just ranting. Hopefully Jerry either sells soon. Organization is rotting.

  4. Been a tough year for the White Sox overall. Including so many injuries to key guys for long periods of time. But credit to CLE! They are the Rays of the Central Division. Rays have been crushing division rivals with bigger budgets for a while now, excluding this year of course but still competing with the big boys.

  5. Doesn’t help that two of our highest paid players (Keuchel and Grandal) were two of the worst players in the league this season.

  6. Cleveland deserves to win the division this year, no question.

    However, I wouldn’t count out the Sox or even the Twins for the next few years either.

    The Sox had a bunch of players with injuries and down years, with a bad manager on top of it. They are, on paper, the most talented team in the division. But if Jerry isn’t willing to let Hahn fix the large holes weighing down the roster, more seasons like this one could follow.

  7. What the veteran leadership of Buck Showalter has done for the Mets, La Russa has done the opposite for the Sox.

  8. God I’m tired of people focusing on how much/little a team is spending, as though it were a sin to pay lots of money to players, and those teams that don’t pay much should be praised for some reason.

    Yeah, I get that the markets of Chicago and Cleveland are not the same. A doy. But fuck the stingy front offices, and credit to the front offices that are willing to pay players what they deserve.

  9. Its the AL Central…i think most teams who got to play half their games against the AL central would win the division too.

  10. I knew they’d find ways to build a staff, they seem to always do that. But their offensive coming together has been awesome, I’m so glad Andres is dominating. Jose needs to spend his entire career there, and pieces like Kwan and Rosario are nice top of the order pieces.

    Good for them, you love to see it. Plus I just love Francona

  11. OK, hear me out, I don’t mean this as a Dodger fan. I had this belief before they spent a lot of money.

    The “x-amount more than other team” is kind of a fallacy unless you’re talking extremes like Dodgers vs Marlins or Yankees vs A’s.

    The reason being that talent =/= salary. Arbitration is the best example of this. I won’t bore people with numbers, but look salaries vs WAR of someone like Belli vs Soto. Look at Clase vs (pre-Let it Go)Kimbrel.

    Dodgers have the best team ERA in the league with Gonsolin, Urias, Heaney, Anderson, Kershaw and a bullpen full of league min guys.

    I’m sure there are other teams where their success is misaligned with their team salary, not just the Dodgers. It’s just the team I watch nightly so I see how much a Thompson, Lux, or Smith impacts the game.