Gotham Knights: Players Won’t See Everything in a Single…

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Gotham Knights: Players Won’t See Everything in a Single Playthrough Due to Each Hero’s Perspective

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. Unless trophies require me to to play every hero (it’s ok if it does, because I will) I’ll probably jsut stick with Jason or Dick.

  2. This game will live and die by the combat. If it’s good, then it will succeed. If it feels as slow and clunky as it looked in the trailers at times then it will have a difficult time. We will see. I am not very hyped for this game but I love Batman and the Bat-universe so I’ve got my eye on it, for sure.

  3. I have my reservations but if it doesn’t get reviewed badly and is even just average, I’ll probably pick it up.

  4. Let’s just hope that the choice of character at the beginning of the game is actually significant to the perspective of the story rather than what cyberpunk did

  5. Hopefully this means more replayability then, me and my bro are already deciding who we wanna be. He chose Batgirl and Robin and Red Hood and Nightwing. I actually thought he’d chose nightwing since I chose red hood but he wanted robin.

  6. This can’t be true because the gameplay they have shown is super generic to reuse enemy vocal assets. Which means its literally just pick a character and play the same levels. Unless there’s character specific missions, then this is complete horeshit.

  7. This game looks like the definition of a 6/10 game. I hope it’s good, but I am not holding my breath. At least I have the new Plague Tale game to look forward to the same week.

  8. I’m still watching this game closely. I’m still not convinced it’ll be good. I really hope I’m wrong because I’d like to play it, but I’m so over wasting money on shitty unfinished or poorly conceived games.