GOP Yanks Ad Buy For Ohio Candidate Who Lied About Military…

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GOP Yanks Ad Buy For Ohio Candidate Who Lied About Military Service

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  1. Why do people publically lie about easily fact checkable things? How could he really expect no one to ever find this out? Eventually it was gonna come out lol

    >Instead, the closest Majewski got to the country was a six-month stint in Qatar, where he helped load planes. The majority of his active-duty service was spent at Kadena Air Base ― in Japan.

  2. Let’s be real here. The GOP isn’t mad at this guy for stolen valor. They’re mad because he got caught. BIG DIFFERENCE, and (yet, exhaustingly) more reason not to vote (R)epublican.

  3. This is good, but it’s too late for Republicans to pretend they care about service, honor or doing the right thing when it counts.

  4. I was always amazed at the number of SEALS, Rangers, and Green Berets who seemed to show up after the fighting settled down.

  5. This whole thing sounds like an*Always Sunny* episode.

    >Frank Reynolds : Look, I didn’t go to Vietnam just to have pansies like you take my freedom away from me.

    >Dee Reynolds : You went to Vietnam in *1993* to open up a sweatshop!

    >Frank Reynolds : And a lot of good men died in that sweatshop!

  6. So participating in an insurrection gets you money and an endorsement from the GOP, but stolen valor takes it away. Got it.

  7. Oh no and there he is wearing a bright vest, looking so outdoorsy and healthy. He has kids or golden retrievers named Dakota and Denver, I bet.

  8. Walking back an ad buy of this size is no small feet, you usually purchase TV ad months in advance and typically only get 14 days to opt-out (from the time of contract signing, not before the ads air). You can change what ad you air, but you’re paying for those spots.

  9. With as much as the Gaslight Obstruct Project crew loves lying, I’m surprised they didn’t buy him more ad time. I’m sure there’s some dark money laying around

  10. Kinda surprised, most Republicans seem to think “supporting the troops” is basically the same as seeing combat and wandering around walmart in camo wielding an AR makes you an honorary marine.

  11. Even if I believed the National Republican Congressional Committee pulled money, which I don’t, there will be plenty of other GQP groups or dark money PACs that will continue to fund him.

  12. >And a biography published by the House Republican campaign committee attested that Majewski’s “squadron was one of the first on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11.”

    Note that that isn’t (necessarily, I’m not going to check) a lie, it just implies to the uncritical reader that Majewski was there with them at the time. It also employs the easily abused weasel phrase “one of the first”.

  13. They really shouldn’t stop finding yet another of a huge string of bold faced liars. It’s literally all they have. Nobody should ever believe a GOP candidate. Ever. All they have is based upon at the very least the biggest lie you can perpetuate in a democracy, namely that the vote is rigged across the entire country. (Except, of course, when a Republican wins!)

  14. The GOP is completely flooded with liars, grifters, sociopaths, and flat-out paint-chips-for-breakfast fucking idiots.

  15. This- An Indiana man who is accused of killing his cancer-stricken wife as she was seeking a divorce won his GOP primary this week from jail and will be on the ballot in November — if he has not been convicted.

  16. I got a buddy who was in the USAF a few years ago. So when he got back, I brought him out to eat. When he showed his ID for a drink, the waitress said “thank you for your service.” He said “why? I didn’t do anything. I was stationed in the Emirates.” He was definitely not like that guy.

  17. If they continue to keep putting up all these shit candidates, things are gonna start looking pretty good for the dems in November.