Google Is Sharing Our Data at a Startling Scale

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Google Is Sharing Our Data at a Startling Scale

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  1. Yep, pretty much every tech company is stealing your data, constantly monitoring you, and selling it for mad profit, here’s a fun fact, I work for a big tech company, the data that is stolen from the users is sold to multiple countries, some of those countries make fake IDs with your data, or use your pictures from your cloud storage to make fake profiles.


    What can you do? Not engage in their services, its really not hard, but modern people don’t want to make effort, they just want someone else to make the change, which isn’t going to happen, if anything they’ll track you more.

  2. It really depends what you’re worried about here. Google doesn’t even have to sell it. There’s tons of information you can get regarding peoples searches for free.

    Then there’s the stuff that marketing agencies or marketing/business teams within organizations pay for. This is still only talking about “what are the people in this specific market interested in” it’s not like google is say hey here Kelly Park from Rhode Island and here’s her entire search history and then selling that. They’re selling information that used by people that want to sell you stuff so those people can then….sell you more stuff better.

    Then there’s the side related to just analytics and SEO. Or agencies focused on compiling market data. These agencies usually use a third park that leverages google, Amazon, Facebook, and every other website with a search bar that allows for the data to be collected by third parties.

    Again this is then used by those agencies to sell market data to companies that need to understand how to sell stuff better, how to get you subscribed to things, how to get you to view their site.

    Whenever I see these articles I just wonder what’s the big scare tactic all about? Companies have been doing this since the dance of corporations.

  3. What are they going to share: that I’m a massive pervert who enjoys watching sexy videos?

    Come at me Google, I have nothing to hide!

  4. Spend 5 minutes a day shopping for things that you would never buy, if we all spend a few minutes of each of our days messing with the algorithm instead of over priced AC units on our social media feed we see important things like diving flippers for cats.

  5. Startling? You mean: completely, all of it, every movement of the mouse, every store you pass with a phone in your pocket, everything you do is monetized

  6. “The things you used to own, now they own you.”

    It’s not necessarily about knowing what you, personally, are doing … but more in learning your patterns, habits, and behaviors and then engineering the tools to manipulate your decisions for profit. Then market to other data sets whose pattern of life is similar to your data demographic.

  7. I have Alexa in the room with me, Siri on my phone and Cortana on my laptop, all of them are waiting to help me all I have to do is call their name.

    So they are basically all sitting their listening all day long. I’m glad I don’t do anything illegal because I can get away from eavesdropping electronics.

    Everything is out to make money from you, not just google.

  8. It’s only startling if you’ve not paid any attention for like 20 years. Sharing our data at startling scale is literally Google’s entire business model. Google is an advertising company.

  9. So is everyone else. We should all probably stop using these funny black rectangles and bugging our homes with smart speakers before it gets any worse. The internet sucks now anyway.

  10. So? Isn’t Pandora out of the box? Isn’t this common knowledge? I swear I think about doing something and ads pop up on my phone. We’re well past the point of privacy.

  11. can any one please explain

    what’s the problem with extreme data harvesting?

    in the US for example if you have a social security, a drivers license, a bank account and have filed your taxes ALL of your crucial/important data is already logged somewhere

    the fear of digital data tracking seems to be a function similar to people who would never give out there home address or banking details

    but forget ANYone who’s seen them enter their house knows their address and in the rare event (more so a in the past) any who who’s written a personal check fails to realize there account and routing number are printed clearly in the bottom for everyone too see

    same as people who hide then hand when entering their pin, not only would some one have to be looking memorizing or recording but then they would also need to steal your card – so why wouldn’t they just steal your money

    i’m off on a bunch of pointlessly co related tangents, but seriously

    what’s the problem who cares about companies doing this? what’s the big deal

    please help