Glens Falls doctor denies medication because patient is of…

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Glens Falls doctor denies medication because patient is of child bearing age

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  1. I saw her TikTok like literally last week and just read it in the paper this morning 😭 I know she says “new York” but I had no idea it was so local, this is so fcked !! Straight up discrimination, because doctors don’t go around denying men of the same treatments for being of “child-bearing age”. What is this, the dark ages ???

  2. Malta Med (Saratoga County) told her she was “essentially blacklisted” from receiving care in Albany County because of something that happened in Warren County? that seems odd.

    Regardless we do need to keep religion out of medical care.

  3. What’s real cute is all the people acting like this is new when women have been getting these responses FOREVER, there are just now social media means to name and shame the fuckwits who do it.

    I have PCOS. When I was 23, I was denied hormonal BC by a Catholic pharmacist to help control my heavy bleeds.

    Try getting sterilized as a woman under 30 without kids, I DARE you.

  4. Unfortunately this is nothing new, many doctors gage women’s healthcare on non-existent children. Ask any woman that has sought out a hysterectomy. Doctors will refuse to even entertain the idea of a hysterectomy for a woman under 50 regardless of her health needs. My wife had really bad growths on her uterus, to a point that she couldn’t carry a child even if we wanted them. Her doctor wouldn’t even hold a conversation about a hysterectomy, she finally went to another one and the new doctor got going on it right away. Her new doctor was floored when she saw how bad the last doctor let things get because “what if you change your mind about kids” was his only concern.

  5. AMC and Glens Falls Hospital’s Patient Bill of Rights says “Receive treatment without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age or source of payment.” She was discriminated against based on both sex and age. Craziness.

  6. This is insane. This doctor should not be practicing medicine, period, since he believes in violating his Hippocratic oath and denying women vital medical care based on their potential future childbearing status. Something must be done to rectify this situation and bring about some accountability, as women cannot allowed to be treated as second-class citizens simply because they have wombs. It’s infuriating.

  7. I’m especially worried about the Albany med involvement. Article talks about her being blacklisted for recording, but if a major medical complex goes along with this bullshit, we’re all in for a world of hurt.

  8. Time to get a new doctor.

    Hopefully later on this doctor’s practice will be in the news for mysteriously burning down.

  9. I had a doctor who began saying how much she loved Sarah Palin omg but the last straw was her saying she was referring me to HC workers from her born again church. This was years ago in Latham. I’m sure she was kicked out of that practice for crap like this. The old guy doctor who had built the practice called me to ask why I left. He said “she’s been warned about that stuff.” Now she works out of the mini mall across from HVCC. Her initials are JMB

  10. What is this medication? What is it used to treat? Is there safer and better alternative? WILL THIS MEDICATION STERILIZE THIS WOMAN???? Does anyone know the answers to these question? I don’t. I’m being serious here. Does anyone know?