1. It’s OK, I don’t need those vertebra…

  2. RIP Scott Hall

  3. I will never understand this practise

  4. This could probably go in /r/unexpected for how well they pulled this off. I thought for sure there would be a crowd silencing injury.

  5. He was NOT the table

  6. Go bills 🤘🦬

  7. Bills fans really are something else lmao

  8. Didn’t even need to click to know it was gonna be Bills Mafia.

  9. My rationality knows this is a bad idea.

    My undying love, however, says Go Bills.

  10. How fucking drunk do you have to be to agree to someone doing that to you?

  11. I know someone who got paralyzed from exactly this. This makes me cringe so hard

  12. That was actually a really clean table break. I was expecting his head to bounce off the edge or for him to roll off the other side. That’s how these things typically go.

  13. He totally no sold a power bomb. Cunt Hogan move if I’ve ever seen one.

  14. Of course its Bills fans doing this.

  15. Ok that dudes face DEFINITELY just rubbed against other dude’s junk. Probably why he slammed him so hard

  16. It’s such a common practice w bills fans espn made a graphic of Allen jumping through one and played it during the home opener lol

  17. Jesus dude, I know he got up after but that looked really bad

  18. #2? How’d the first take go!?!

  19. *Razor’s Edge

  20. Goddang no sell! Killing the business!

  21. I almost get being the powerbomb-ER. What I will never understand is wanting to be the powerbomb-EE. Maybe I’m just un-fun.

  22. Late 90s WWE changed people’s lives in many ways

  23. That’s not a powerbomb, that’s the Razor’s Edge. Show some respect.

  24. Bills Mafia is so awesome, I’d love to see an Eagles-Bills Super Bowl tailgate.

  25. This my Bills Mafia?


  26. Reminds me of Super Humman on yt

  27. Whoa. They actually won against the thing.

  28. More of a Razors Edge

  29. Damn

  30. Reason #42069 why women live longer

  31. Just come out of the closet already! You don’t need to find excuses for why your back is sore.

  32. In the very plausible scenario that the dude falls badly:

    *Years later*

    “Yeah we were just having fun, looking back it was a stupid decision that led to me being paralyzed from the neck down and be stuck in this chair… Wish I could go back and kick some sense into my younger self and tell him not to get up on that truck like a damn egit”

    “Are you still in touch with the guy who put you through the table?”

    “Uhh… I mean things got a bit awkward after I was in this chair. High… maintenance and all that. And he was off to College, was gonna keep playing football, you know? He stopped coming round after a while… And a while later he no longer returned my messages…”

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