German far-right politicians cancel a trip to a…

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German far-right politicians cancel a trip to a Russian-occupied part of Donbas after pushback.

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  1. Nah…let them go. German BND can track their locations, give to Ukrainian rocket forces and artillery branch for a HIMARS welcoming. Problem solved then in Germany with the far right.

  2. Whatever their (extremelly wrong) beliefs are, how did they believe that was gonna fly? How removed from reality are they? Read the room…

  3. For reference, this is a political party where a high-ranking member tried to file a lawsuit against being called a fascist, and the court’s judgement was basically “how about you stop being a fascist then, you fascist piece of shit” (paraphrasing. It was decided that it’s legal to call him a fascist since… that’s what he is.)

  4. Meh – they’re not going because they realize it would be very bad PR for their party, which is struggling anyway. Tbh I would have preferred these Nazi shitstains go there and lose even more influence here in Germany.

  5. isn’t it ironic that Germany allowed to have far right politicians in the first place, and they are the ones who call for extermination of “nazis”.

  6. Don’t forget the left wing. Those fuckers are supporting putin like the right wing retards. “Let the gas flow so we have it warm and don’t care about the ukrainians.” Like Wagenknecht mentioned…. they also want to end the sanctions.

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  8. Why does the far right in certain countries tend to support Russia? It seems a common theme but I don’t get why.

  9. So, 3 individuals of state parliaments are on a private journey and decide to abort it after heavy criticism by their own party – and still this party is being bashed for this?

  10. Seriously, WTF is wrong with German politicians? This affects not only AfD and Die Linke but also mainstream parties such as SDP and CDU. What is surprising is that only AfD wanted to take part in this charade.