Genshin Impact Cheat Creators Sentenced To Jail

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+321 – Genshin Impact Cheat Creators Sentenced To Jail

2022-08-05 15:15:18

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572 shares, 839 points


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  1. A reddit link to an article that uses reddit as its source.

    Now we just need a youtube video in response to this thread.

  2. Its more the money then made than the actual crime. Its grand larceny when it’s that amount of money

  3. This is pretty extreme. The game doesn’t have a lot of user interaction with one another, so it’s not like the cheats even hurt anyone. Jail time? That’s insane

  4. Back in my day you’d buy a device that added cheats to your game for fun. Now if you cheat, straight to jail.

    EDIT: what’s with the downvotes!? Let me clarify here. I’m joking.

  5. Pretty dumb to do anything in china that impacts the profit of a government run company( which every company is) and not expect them to come after you.

  6. Imagine being in prison with murderers and rapists and being asked what you’re in for and answering “for making video game cheats”, lol.