Gavin Newsom escalates his feud with GOP governors, says the…

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Gavin Newsom escalates his feud with GOP governors, says they’ve been ‘doubling down on the stupid’

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  1. Honestly, I like this guy’s brand of on the attack against the gop. Biden started off his term sounding like there was still hope the republicans could be worked with, but that time is well in the past. To clarify, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Biden, I think he’s doing a good job with what he has to work with, and he’s been gloves off as of recent, but Newsom is playing them at their games and playing well

  2. The reason they’re upset is because they feel they’ve been tripling down and deserve credit for the additional down.

  3. Biden should threaten to pull federal funding away from those states that are relocating immigrants under false pretenses.

  4. I wish this guy would help create new nuclear energy in California. He passed a law banning gas vehicles sold but we need something long term to power EV. Solar has produced a lot and tech has gotten better. But why not nuclear. People are unaware that the oil/gas companies the ones that caused so much damage are the ones running green energy as they are phasing out. If done correctly it’s our best bet to get to zero maybe even negative. California is a big state, there are proper measures we can put in place to have that level of nuclear energy safely.

  5. He needs to get his lawyers ready. Vicous lies are about to be spread about him.

    I’m still on pins and needles about Dominion’s $1.6 billion dollar lawsuit against fox and rudy and sydney. Ha! Hahahaha!