1. Has there ever been another KO like this? I feel like I’ve never seen anything this devastating.

    EDIT: Talking specifically about vicious elbows on an opponent trapped in a crucifix position

  2. By the way, this move was planned by Goodrige. Here is an interesting back story:

    > The crucifix maneuver was not a fluke, as Goodridge explained, but was in fact a tactic that was drilled and worked on before the match. “From the time we got into Puerto Rico and got down to the beach, we saw Paul Herrera and his group,” Goodridge reminisced. “And he was going over the same move all the time, just the one move, the fireman’s carry. So, even when i wasn’t even there, my corner was there saying “hes going to shoot and he is going to fireman’s carry. So, we spent all night in my hotel room learning how to combat the fireman’s carry so that i didn’t look like an idiot. ” However, the knockout was not planned, as the goal of that position that they planned on was to apply a submission on his wrist until he tapped out. Unfortunately, Gary got caught in the moment and instead opted to cave in the side of Herrera’s face.

  3. When I was around 11 years old I was really into WWE so my mum bought me a dvd that she thought was a compilation of cage matches. What she actually gave me was a copy of Ultimate Knockouts 1&2 and this was one of the first fights on the video. I’d never seen a man smashed into unconsciousness before and holy shit did it blow my little mind. John Cena was no longer the baddest mfer.

  4. The brief pause before Goodridge simulates Herrera’s death really makes this one.

  5. Imo one of the quickest and most vicious KO’s. Crazy how the fight went from a relatively refrained grappling exchange into infinite hellbows

  6. One of the iconic early UFC finishes up there with Tank/Matua and Williams/Coleman. You’d see these on every highlight reel

  7. Damn, early ufc was brutal and scary af, everything even the lighting makes it more savage

  8. [Its sad to see how Garry is now](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5OUt53-6YM)

  9. Big John was just 20 elbows late

  10. Don’t train your takedown where your opponent’s team can see you only train one thing.

  11. This, along with neckless 19yr old Vitor Belfort run-punching Wanderlei were my two earliest memories of seeing MMA.

  12. I actually thought Big John did a pretty good job of stopping this *given the rules of ufc at the time*. If it had been someone like Yamasaki in there, Herrera may still be eating those elbows to this day…

  13. I saw this live as a young Jr high student and it change me into the deadly keyboard warrior I am today.

  14. The good ol’ wild west days of MMA.

  15. Brutal. And yet one of my favorite KOs of all time.

  16. Ref “he’s not dead yet”

  17. So brutal and so iconic

  18. Goodridge was a brutal fighter in these days. Merciless. Shame to see what CTE has done to him.

  19. Very good video quality for such old footage. Thanks for this.

  20. This has always been one of the scariest finishes. He looks like he kills him

  21. doesn’t it look like he’s already out before the elbow shower? can’t figure out how that could’ve happened though

  22. You want brutal early MMA?
    Try Keith Hackney vs Joe Son…


  23. Don’t forget there was about a 80 pound weight difference also!

  24. Big Daddy was crazy. Guy kicked, grabbed, and punched Pedro Octavio in the balls repeatedly in an IVT competition in Brazil. He even shoved his feet into Pedro’s trunks to reverse positions on the ground

  25. Early stoppage

  26. I enjoy the idea that new mma fans discover this footage for the first time on here.

  27. Hahah what a boss. A 200+ pound muscly dude running at you with his hands cocked, fakes a punch and still Gary doesn’t raise his hands above his belly button. That’s not a GI, it’s just his normal pajama because he didn’t respect the fight enough to get dressed.

  28. If you follow the dude on twitter, he’s one of the most wholesome guys I’ve seen tweet about positivity, growth, self-care, and all that stuff.

  29. Going a bit on memory here, but I think this whole card was David vs Goliath themed. This was before weight classes and all the fights were mismatches. Not really an unexpected outcome between a welterweight and a heavyweight

  30. One of the most telegraphed double leg attempts ever lol

    Look at how Paul ‘tries’ to feint before changing levels lmao

  31. I really want to learn MMA for self defense but I can’t even watch things like this. I just don’t understand how someone could want to inflict so much unnecessary damage on someone.

  32. It’s a reverse schevchenko special

  33. Aw yes… the good ol days

  34. u/savevideobot

  35. Get laid on the cross

  36. Classic

  37. This was the clip I showed my buddies back in the 90s to introduce them to the new sport of MMA.

  38. Did he go out on the first elbow? What the fuck

  39. This fight got UFC banned in my house. My dad used to go to my uncles to watch and he’d record them on VHS so he could watch them with my brother and me when later.

    My mom was already not a fan, and this put her over the edge. After this my dad would hide the tapes and we’d watch when my mom went to work.

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