Gandalf the Troll

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+12459 – Gandalf the Troll

2022-08-06 09:19:34

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  1. *casts spell so that if anyone goes near it or tries to tamper with it the dragon is the first to go off*

  2. The fireworks reference Bilbo’s journey in the Hobbit, we see butterflies flying from trees as Bilbo experienced in Mirkwood, pillars of flame turning to eagles i.e when the party were rescued by the eagles, shimmering silver spears representing the armies at the mountain and finally Smaug

  3. Like that one time I got kicked out of my veteran brother’s party for bringing an IED shaped cake that explodes when you say the voice activated phrase “get down it’s gonna bl-!”

  4. That is Gandalf the Cardiologist. Stress test, some kind of spell that can view the heart thus making it a stress echo.

  5. To be fair, the hobbit is a lighthearted adventure and doesn’t end with traumatized war imagery unlike a certian awful movie trilogy

  6. “and scare the local villagers who have never gone outside their own farmland, let alone seen a dragon before, too while we’re at it.” Fucking Goddamnit, Gandalf. You trying to wipe out the Hobbit race?

  7. Didn’t he just bring all of his fireworks and Merry / Pippin found it and set it off?

    Not like he’s renting out a storage space for his fireworks.

  8. We recently listened to the Hobbit and FotR audiobooks narrated by Rob Inglis and were struck by what a terrible houseguest Gandalf is everywhere he goes.

  9. “Staggeringly in bad taste” lmao shut the hell up. Everything on tumblr is so hyperbolic. It’s not like bilbo had ptsd from Smaug or something and it wasn’t even hinted that he did