Gadsden County commissioner appointed by Gov. DeSantis…

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Gadsden County commissioner appointed by Gov. DeSantis resigns after KKK costume photo emerges | Jeffery Moore, a Havana resident and former Department of Revenue employee, abruptly resigned from the post in Florida’s only predominantly Black county after the photo began circulating.
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  1. “Costume”

  2. “You’re at a party, having a few beers… suddenly you’re wearing klan robes, you know how it is.”

  3. You know what they say, the country commissioner apple doesn’t fall far from the governor tree

  4. Even if this was a Halloween party I’ve never seen “Klan member” as a costume in a Spirit Halloween. You would need to either know someone in the Klan to borrow them from or have someone make you the robes. Screw him.

  5. Why is this completely unsurprising and so easy to believe?? A Republican political appointee specifically put in place to quell political tensions is somehow a really shitty human being? Unfathomable!

  6. I’m shocked he resigned. The regessives protect their own so much lately that I didn’t think a bottom existed anymore for them.

  7. Anyone who “dresses up” in a KKK “costume” is a big fucking racist who just wants to fantasize about it being back in the “good old days” and to imagine how it must have felt to be able to lynch black people on a whim. It’s the only way they can sustain an erection.

  8. We’re calling KKK outfits “costumes” now, are we?

  9. > Three years ago, another DeSantis-appointed official resigned from office after a similar incident involving a leaked photo. Michael Ertel, the secretary of state, resigned after photos emerged of him posing as a Hurricane Katrina victim in blackface years earlier at a private Halloween party.

    Looks like these photos are a pre-requisite for getting a DeSantis appointment.

  10. “costume”? That’s his Sunday best suit.

  11. [That time of year again](

  12. He thought he was going as a ghost for a costume party. Also didn’t realize that wasn’t a lowercase ‘t’ they were burning.

  13. Shocked? Shocked? Anyone shocked?……No, I thought not.

  14. I’m more surprised Florida only has one predominantly black county.

  15. Ugh. Not surprising. It is surprising he is resigning, because Florida, but not that he thought that that was an appropriate costume.

    A long time ago I had an opportunity to be an extra in a film. It probably would have been a cool experience. The catch was that I would have to wear a Klan outfit. Easiest Nope of my life. It is impossible to empathize with someone who thinks this is an appropriate costume.

  16. You guys, it was just a costume for laughs! /s

  17. I don’t understand why he resigned. Isn’t this their platform?

  18. DeSantis is a fucking chode.

  19. Let’s go with the most “innocent” possibility, and assume he’s not really a Klansmen and thought it was a funny Halloween costume.

    He’s still a racist, and gets joy from the suffering of people.

  20. Talking about the gopers costumed too, rofl

    See, they have no problems breathing or wearing with a mask in reality

  21. DeSantis associated with White Supremacist’s?

    How utterly expected.

  22. tHe PaRtY oF lInCoLn!

  23. It’s almost Halloween in the USS. If you are asking is “Is this costume appropriate,” you probably at least know the question itself suggests the answer. (Spoiler: likely the same answer as that to a yes/no question in a news headline.)

    But remembering a humorous flowchart addressing this issur, I decided to go look for it to share with you. While, l it didn’t pop right up, I did come across [this one](,,/your-halloween-costume-racist-check-flowchart), a flowchart specifically addressing the question “Is this costume racist?”

    Though clearly humourous, it doesn’t even waste space with the question, “Does this costume involve wearing a white sheet with a pointy top?” because no one could imagine even an idiot needing to know whether that was a racist costume . At any time in American history.

    *(Sentence fragment intentional, grammar cops !)*

    Edit: All the other grammar mistakes were not intentional, but rather because I dictated while watching TV and did a piss poor job paying attention as I edited and drank. 2:30 a.m. now so my corrections probably didn’t help much, but I hope they help some.
    And I’d be remiss to not give a grateful shout out to all the grammar cops who showed unbelievable restraint when faced with my criminally bad writing. I’ll slap myself with a wet trout on my way to bed.

  24. Reddit incels: “the hIvE mInD calls anyone with A dIfFErEnT oPiNiOn a racist, so this is fine.”

  25. Who spent 4 hours scratching the other people’s faces off the photo ???????

  26. “Costume”

  27. Totally not racist though… /s

  28. Just by the look of him ya could tell he had a sheet in the closet.

  29. Costume my ass!!!

  30. > Moore, a Havana resident who earned a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, is a former tax law specialist at the Florida Department of Revenue.

    > Previously, he served as chairman of the Gadsden Soil and Water Conservation District and was president of the Association of Florida Conservation Districts.

    Havana, FL !?,_Florida

    There really is a Havana, Florida.

  31. Where does one obtain a klan “costume”? What’s that insignia on the front of the “costume”? Kinda scary.

  32. Not only that, but he didn’t even win the recent game of “Who Has the Silliest Thing Under Your Robe”

  33. Look at that big smile. He was so proud of his “costume” then and I’m willing to bet that he still is.

  34. My dumb ass initially thought the others in the photos were dressed as KISS.

  35. Kavanaugh with his face scratched out.

  36. I grew up in Florida and it’s really sad that I’m not surprised by this.

  37. Shocked. SHOCKED.

  38. I’m in Florida.

    We need the federal government to step in and manage our midterm election.

    We also need an independent audit of our Covid numbers. I know so many people who died and/or were seriously sick. I strongly believe Desantis’s Covid response was criminal.

  39. Costumes are for Halloween. This is a uniform he wears.

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