Found this on r/terriblefacebookmemes (Bruh)

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+1705 – Found this on r/terriblefacebookmemes (Bruh)

2022-08-06 11:36:55

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  1. Honestly the most shocking thing to me is seeing mighty mouse. Is that still a well known character??

  2. Whosoever holds this crucifix, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Christ

    – Stan Lee 20:22 (MRVL)

  3. Not even anime Jesus? I mean I hate to be that guy but jesus only died for us once, how many times has goku died for us?

  4. Serious, let’s do a r/whowouldwin thread with Jesus versus those characters.

    While Jesus may sound like an easy answer, some of the people on that sub would bring up interesting points. Does Jesus fall under God’s promise not to destroy the world?

    Would Jesus be limited in his fight- like when he stopped Peter? Would Jesus continuay turn the other cheek? Does the Hulk have water in his body that will die if turned to wine? Can Aquaman drag Jesus into the water of Jesus is walking on the sea?

  5. I mean none of these heroes could ever do what Christ did. These Guys are about saving Earth. Christ said Earth and Heaven would pass away.

    Christ is about saving humans not this world.

  6. Jesus’s Hebrew name, Yeshua ben Yusef, would be modernized as Joshua, son of Joseph, or Joshua Josephson

    Jesus is the first **JOJO** guys

  7. Goku died and came back more than once. Met multiple gods and fought them. Became a god himself. And helped save the multiverse (even though he did cause the problem to begin with). And his son saved the world a few times.

    Jesus got some catching up to do.

  8. Each time I see this image it gets crustier and crustier. This image has been around I’d say since the early 2010’s at least

  9. Still like the Madness combat version, especially because there is a Thicc omniman meme in it in the form of Mag Hank.