1. Yet the courts threatened me with a minimum of 5 years to life over a stupid road rage incident with zero injuries.

  2. This is in the wrong subreddit, this should in r/facepalm. What about the other cops on the scene that day?

  3. Oh nice. Anyways

  4. Just 3?

    Hopefully to high security, if y’know what I mean

  5. It was what, his third day on the job?

  6. Where’s the justice?

  7. didnt this happen like back in 2020 or something?
    i might be getting names mixed up with something else though

  8. While I absolutely agree he should be sentenced, I think the other 2 cops Thou and Kueng should’ve been given lengthier sentences compared to Lane

  9. Aiding killing got the whole 3 years now? Man, he must be scared out of his mind right now /s

  10. Yeeesh, too hard for a guy that didn’t murder the guy and was new to the job

  11. Three years, but he’s been in prison for two years already so it’s really a one year prison sentence

  12. Has this sub been taken over by cop fluffers?

  13. Absolute fucking garbage. Zero justice served. Gtfoh

  14. Thats it?

  15. Only 3? Should be life for taking a life

  16. I love it when cops look like they’ve been crying in their mugshots

  17. That’s gonna be a tough 3 years. I’d imagine he’s gonna get a lot of attention.

  18. It’s kindve crazy that was over 2 years ago and this is just now happening

  19. That’s rookie time

  20. Does he go into general population with the rest of the murderers ?

  21. 3 years but it’s one’s life. Utter injustice.

  22. Give him more time!!

  23. 3 years seems way WAY too light a sentence.

  24. First off, fuck cops. But he was new to the force and theres no way he was going to go against his superior (Derek) and not obey orders. Could he have walked away? Yes, but that would’ve been the end of his career and there’s no way he could’ve foreseen the outcome that happened. On top of that, I’m sure he had no clue what to do in that situation having probably never experienced something like that before. I’m glad he’s experiencing first hand that cops can be tried and sentenced, but I don’t think he deserves to spend his life in jail, I think 3 years is good enough for him.

    EDIT: changed “newish” to “new” – he was on the force for a handful of days before it happened

  25. This is hilarious, all these “this isn’t justice tho” posts about him being there a week. As if they haven’t condemned society for a group watching someone get beaten for nothing.

  26. This doesn’t belong here. He was on his first week of the job. Chauvin was on his 20th year.

  27. I don’t think this guy did much wrong. I think he was new and he probably had no fucking clue how to react. And I’m not a blue lives matter guy I’m honestly the polar opposite but I do kinda feel bad for this guy. The guys on the force who were there 7 years and Derek absolutely not

  28. It’s going to be at least 3 years before Thomas Lane is eligible to be a contributing Fox News police analyst

  29. Discount Matt Gaetz probably won’t do well in prison.

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