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2022-07-16 13:21:24

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  1. Yeah, it was wild when I saw his name in my compiler design class

    “Noam Chomsky is a programming linguist”

    “Wait, THAT Noam Chomsky?!”

  2. Tangentially related, but this reminds me of one of my favorite talks, [Propositions as Types]( which gets into the ideas of how computer science is related to logic and how the principles of computer science pop up in all sorts of disciplines.

  3. Even if he’s a very controversial person, I can’t deny how great his work in linguistics and philosophy.

  4. The difference is that computers and languages are both supporting Ukraine, and Chomsky can fuck off.

  5. Reminder that he’s also a major-grade scumbag who denied the Khmer Rouge genocide and thinks Ukraine should have just surrendered to Russia.

  6. “Chomsky did genocide denial” is such a meme political opinion. something that, regardless of the content of its truth (which i’m not denying), may just be thrown out there like a reaction image. but i get it, reckoning with a complex legacy is too much to ask for a reddit thread, i get it.

  7. Any recommenations on where to start if I want to get into some Chomsky? I’m familiar but uninitiated

  8. Noam Chomsky is kind of like Sigmund Freud. He had some revolutionary ideas, but also said a lot of crazy bullshit.

    Edit: to everyone that downvoted me, Noam Chomsky denied the Bosnian genocide, Khmer Rouge’s killings and Sigmund Freud thought that everyone wanted to kill their dad and sleep with their mom and also did a lot of cocaine.