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2022-08-06 16:56:55

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  1. National flags and posters of Cold War era propaganda from all over the world so I’m screwed. Plus a Ralsei plush

  2. Welcome to fiction land, where all of fiction is gunning to cause as much chaos as possible.

    Needless to say, I’m dead.

  3. Extremely. I sculpt characters from various games and cartoons and I have so many of them that are just beings of unimaginable power so I literally wouldn’t stand a chance. Not only that, but I have tons of model rocket engines lying around here too so I’d never be safe if it turned into a dark world. Basically at the core, every single hobby I have uses either dangerous parts or dangerous tools, and the crafts themselves wouldn’t be any better to go up against. I am thoroughly screwed is what I’m getting at.

  4. Well Among the FNAF merch, Pokèmon merch, and the boxes and boxes of unused lego peices (like that one 2×4 lego brick that I bit in half from 12 years ago) theres is 1 Gravity Falls book that Im scared to see what would turn the dark world into. I think that the idea of a dark world in some kid’s room is a good idea that would probably be in Ch 3 since Kris makes one in his home.

  5. Depends on how all my plushies feel about me. Either I’m going to be loved or be hunted to death.

  6. an inhuman amount of trash, a mini fridge, a pc and a rei plush all become darkners.

    I’m fucked.

  7. Among various games and books of various subject matter and genres that can probably be deduced, I have:

    Five species of feathered Dromaeosaur action figure from an obscure Kickstarter.

    Master Chief statue.

    Noble Team statue.

    Predator skull wearing my steampunk goggles.

    Cylon, Starbuck, Baby Groot, and The Last Dragonborn funkopops.

    11^(th) Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver.

    Several stopped clocks.

    One slightly damaged Normandy SR-2.

    Unopened Chewbacca bobble-head.


    X-wing miniatures game including Imperial Raider.

    Magic the Gathering cards.

    And the following plushies:

    Giant squid
    Gorilla wearing actual toddler’s clothing
    Horseshoe crab
    The Maw
    Another headcrab


    I feel pretty fucked in a Dark World scenario.

  8. I’ve Got 6 decks of cards, a chessboard, a tv, a Computer and a creeper plusie. I don’t think I’d survive

  9. Yarn yoshi amiibo plus a bunch of plushies. I’m prob dead edit: and a copy of ring fit adventure

  10. I have a whole ass box of long unused toys sitting in a corner of my room. Including Nerf guns, a MIPosaur, a Captain America Shield, and several action figures & animal figures. I also have an air cooler in my room which might turn into some massive frost tower or mountain. I also have my old glasses that don’t work anymore because my eyes changed.

    Tldr: I’m screwed

  11. okay, a pokemon and dragon world sounds great! also add a little japanese touch with my maneki neko collection, and the main theme is art! that is a wonderfull world !!

  12. There’s a copy of Undertale, so I don’t know if I’m screwed but I will have a lot of people trying to kill me

  13. Not very. I have a bunch of plushies but I imagine if they came to life in the dark world theyd be nice

  14. Uh, candles, a painting of three little girls reading a book, a piano, portraits of my great grandparents, ornamental dishes, and some furniture. I’m in my grandma’s living room. Idk how dangerous a dark work based on it would be.