Florida Issues Forceful Response To Credit Card Companies…

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Florida Issues Forceful Response To Credit Card Companies That Want To Track Gun And Ammo Sales

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  1. Conservatives and anyone that is progun, should set up a parallel economy. Our own payment processors, our own credit cards, our own banks. We do this and they lose all the power.

  2. It’s a shame this even had to happen. They are there for financial transactions ect. Anything else is absolutely not their business. After the games they were playing with patrion and now this I am beginning to realize they are going to be a big problem and will need regulation to be put back in their place.

  3. I was going along with everything he was saying until he got to the b.s. about our “…God given rights…” and rights granted by our “Creator”. Huge eyeroll… Why can’t so many of the Republicans leave their religious b.s. out of important issues? Do you not understand there are lots of Americans with different spiritual outlooks and if you would just stick to the pertinent facts of so many issues, you guys would garner a ton more support? Separation of church and state is a good thing; check it out sometime…

  4. We’ll go over this again.

    A merchant code does not mean tracking sales of items.

    If you are a food merchant they have no idea how many chips you sold vs mugs that say things like “fuck the federal government”

    This just makes the Florida CFO look like he doesn’t understand the way payment processing works.

    Also, the CCs will pass the buck to merchants and in turn the merchants will pass the buck to consumers.

  5. A couple of other gun-related sites I’m on have suggested that Discover cards aren’t doing this (yet), so maybe that’s the card to have? Also, the suggestion to buy a generic VISA/MC/AMEX gift card with your credit card and then use THAT to buy any firearms and firearms-related stuff is a way to go, too? I’ll never be a cash purchase person so really need some kind of credit card, but I’d never considered a Discover card before. Any Discover card holders out there? Happy with it?