Florida deputies ambushed during traffic stop by registered…

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Florida deputies ambushed during traffic stop by registered career criminal with rifle and a baby in the car from PublicFreakout

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  1. Melbourne, Florida — The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office released dashcam footage showing two deputies who were attacked during a traffic stop on U.S. 192 in West Melbourne on Aug 30, 2021. The incident started around 1 p.m. Monday afternoon when Deputy Brian Potters conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle off of U.S. 192 just west of Interstate 95 in West Melbourne. In the very initial stages of the traffic stop, Deputy Tyler Thoman arrived on the scene and began to assist with addressing three occupants of the vehicle.

    At one point during the traffic stop, the passenger in the back seat of the car where the 2-month-old baby was contained, was asked to exit the vehicle at which time he immediately exited and produced a short stock rifle which he began firing at Deputy Potters. The man was identified as a 38-year-old suspect from Cocoa. Deputy Potters was immediately shot by the suspect in the lower leg, at which time both Deputies returned fire in an effort to save their own lives, protect the others at the scene, and the 2-month-old baby in the rear of the car that was directly in the middle of the shootout.

    The suspect was the initial aggressor in this case as he concealed his weapon until he exited the vehicle and immediately began firing on Deputies in an attempt to take their lives and avoid arrest as he was wanted on several warrants. As the suspect continued to violently engage Deputies, he concealed himself multiple times behind the cars and eventually ran up behind Deputy Potters and used the butt of the rifle, to strike him multiple times in the head causing significant lacerations and tissue damage.

    Deputy Thoman on the scene once again engaged the suspect and shot him multiple times, eliminating the threat to himself and Deputy Potters…with the suspect being subsequently pronounced dead. The suspect was a Registered Career Criminal with 23 felony arrests and 17 misdemeanor arrests for narcotics trafficking, aggravated assault with a weapon, robbery with a firearm, battery on law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence and attempted first-degree felony murder. Deputy Potters is expected to make a full recovery.

  2. i think the cop didnt notice the guy was coming round the back cuz the window tint is way too dark

  3. “registered” career criminal? Is that like where you get the paperwork at your local Legion of Doom?

  4. Where does one go to register as a career criminal? How long are the lines? What are the prerequisites?

  5. Jesus fucking Christ I hope the officers are okay and I hope the baby is okay, what in the hell dude!!! Situational awareness needs to be better, I hope they get another opportunity to see their babies at home.

  6. Fuck that scum.

    Officer was just telling him how he has babies too and this lowlife decides he doesn’t get to go home to them. Glad he got mag dumped! He had his chance.

  7. And people wonder in all these videos why cops are sometimes easily spooked or are a bit overboard with traffic stops.

    This is why.

  8. The amount of people in here defending these thugs is crazy. I’m glad he was shot and killed. Society is better and safer for it

  9. I’m surprised all three of those cops survived, they were stupid enough to let dude get behind them if he had any bullets left they’d be dead

  10. I can not imagine ever being that desperate, to pull that on cops. If a cop was coming into my house and shooting yeah I guess, but this is just a traffic stop and now you are dead.

  11. Some are good some are bad. Usually the good ones get the shit end of the stick.

    I don’t like cops but nobody should go through this or what the police do to people.


    That’s life

  12. Shooter had them dead to rights, did his gun jam or something?

    Hyper aggressive moron pressed melee attack instead of reload smh