1. So the party of free market wants to implement restrictions against businesses and how they decide to operate?

    Wild times.

  2. 1st amendment protects you from the government limiting your speech, not twitter or instagram limiting your speech.

  3. It’s similar to no shoes, no shirt, no service at tiny convenience store. Twitter runs Twitter, and they say no lying, so the Republicans call that injustice? Haha, what about their elaborate schemes to suppress voting and gerrymandering plots, they should go to jail for that alone.

  4. The right owns the Supreme Court so this isn’t a easy “lol no”.

  5. So this means they’re okay with people posting porn on their Facebook pages?

  6. Some of these self righteous fools should take a deep dive on the dark web. It might give them a better pictures of what unrestricted moderation of social media might look like before they open that box.

  7. This is just about the clearest-cut violation of the first amendment that you’ll ever see.

    Will be interesting/horrifying to see what the Supreme Court decides. If they were competent it wouldn’t be because the law so flagrantly is against the constitution, but because they aren’t competent and don’t care about the law or doing their jobs properly, they could literally do anything.

  8. Shut it all down

  9. It’s from CNN. That’s not a source of information. That’s satire.

  10. Commies are in here 2 damn.

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