Explains alot, poor children

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  1. Y’all do realize he just be saying shit half the time to get people to talk about him right? And it definitely works.

  2. I can’t stand the high horse of people who Stan reading. To have your intelligence insulted for not reading by someone who only reads Harry Potter or the latest George R. R. Martin is bloody ridiculous. Any media is only as valuable as the quality of information it contains. Feel free to insult my intelligence if the only media you consume is from Google Scholar, but if you are just consuming garbage like the rest of us, don’t pretend it’s any better than the tv shows or movies I’m watching.

  3. I don’t like reading alot either but I try to. I’m wanting to be a writer so that’s partly why. I’m reading the series called Warriors by Erin Hunter VERY slowly right now.

    Anyway, it’s okay to not like reading, however, if you won’t teach kids how to read then get someone who will.

    Reading happens everyday and we need that skill everywhere we go to read text messages, emails, signs, menus, tags on things at the store, etc, etc. Even the most hateful of people who are against reading use it every day, even if it’s not in a book. So learning this skill, even if you don’t read books, is VERY important.

    It’s also important for if you go deaf and need to rely on subtitles to watch TV to know what people are saying. And also if you go mute and the only way to communicate clear and fast is through writing (another important skill) or texting. You need to be able to read contracts and you need reading to fill out forms. You need reading to make a resume. What if you can’t understand something in a song clearly and need to look up the lyrics?

    Learning reading and writing is very important for day to day life.

    Also, how dar yee dis brussel sprouts.