1. HomePod 2 would be great, the mini is lonely.

  2. Whoever wrote this article forgot the 10th gen iPad. There’s no way Apple wouldn’t launch a new iPad at this point.

  3. Do you really think Apple would release the fastest Mac on the planet without an event? The MacPro will definitely be part of an event.

  4. But WHEN?

    Im either getting a new upgraded display/wifi6e 11inch ipad.
    Or a refurb m1.

    Im dying here.

  5. The rumor for the iPad pros is MagSafe. I think they’ll implement it similar to the Mac, rather than the iPhone. Wirelessly charging a battery that big would take an eternity and an enormous amount of power.

  6. The once venerable iMac has become the forgotten product.

    Perhaps because we can and do so much on mobile devices. And/or the lack of a 27″ model has turned off even those who need a desktop.

    Anyways, would love to see a 27″ iMac, or at the very least, a M2 upgrade to the 24″.

  7. I love rumors, first it was an event in October, then it was maybe a blog cause they already announced the M2 so they don’t need to announce MacBooks, then it’s stuffs coming event or not. Rumor people are like Apple, we are announcing and releasing without you! Lmao

  8. Am I the only one that thinks that it’s a bit early releasing a macbook pro right now?

  9. Looking to buy the iPad 10…

    But the wait and the lack of reference to this model in the latest articles (Guarman and this one) is killing me!

  10. My 2018 ipad pro that I used all the time for work or entertainment has no more screen (100% my fault, at night threw my iphone pro max on the bed and it hit it on a bad angle..the stainless steel iphone pro)

    So I really want to see the new ipad pro and/or air and purchase one.

    I wish the 11 inch had mini-led for 2022 but all rumours point to a solid no. Will get a 12″ I think, given how resilient (no screen burn-in despite intensive usage) and satisfactory the OLED are, when they change to OLED in 2024/2025 will certainly exchange my ipad for the smaller OLED one.

  11. Is it really new if it’s just refreshes.

  12. Here the M1 Pro 1tb donno if I should upgrade.

  13. I’d like a new iPad mini but haven’t seen anything about that

  14. What I want to know is, when will the imac’s get their next update? I’ve been holding on to dear life with my 2010 imac and I am considering jumping ship to the 24″ AIO, but I really don’t want to buy what is now essentially outdated tech.

  15. Did we all forget the Mac Pro is due by the end of the year?

  16. Hoping for either:

    * The rumored display that sits between the Studio Display & Pro Display XDR
    * A Pro Display XDR 2
    * Or a price drop on the original XDR

  17. Good for them, but there as been years since the last time I was excited by an apple product.

  18. When are they going to release the Primephonic classical music app???

  19. 14” Macbook M1 Pro for discounted price now, or wait for M2 Pro for a higher price?

  20. Fix everything first and then I’ll upgrade. Going to the Apple Store for my third 14 pro and AirPods that didn’t have hair on them.

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