EU lawmakers’ call to cut funds to Hungary a ‘boring joke’ -…

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EU lawmakers’ call to cut funds to Hungary a ‘boring joke’ – Orban

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732 shares, 855 points


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  1. Keep laughing as much as you want Orban you bloated corrupted Putin minion autocrat.

    When the EU is tired of your cretin bullshit, Hungary will pay a heavy price (no more funds, sanctions might be imposed and who knows…maybe kicked out of the EU in a very extreme scenario) and when your own citizens understand that it is all your fault, Orban, you better flee to your daddy Putin.

  2. The unanimity requirement (and lack of a means to kick a county out against their will) for getting anything meaningful done is crippling the EU – which will only get worse as the EU expands to cover more countries that disagree on more and more issues.

    Without the unanimity requirement the adult countries could tell children like Orban to just piss off and cry in a corner.

  3. Those symbolic rejoin rallies in the UK might actually mean something if the current EU members decide to withdraw and start a new trade organization without Hungary from scratch.