1. And he’s only like the 17th best member of the Guardians bullpen

  2. That first pitch was disgusting.

  3. Only two were foul balls, everything else was looking/swinging

  4. 8th pitch was filthy

  5. Immaculate innings. So hot right now

  6. This guy was a 5+ ERA pitcher before coming to Cleveland.

  7. This really is the year of the immaculate inning

    Edit: there were eight in 2017, and seven so far this year

  8. oh of course he knows how to pitch now.

    he was a human white flag for the phillies

  9. The rise in strikeout rate has really caused immaculate innings to lose their luster. This is only the 112th recorded immaculate inning in MLB history, and it probably won’t reach the front page of the subreddit lmao

  10. That backdoor cutter? was filthy holy moly

  11. Bob Ross is smiling because Enyel was absolutely painting the edges of the zone!

  12. It seems like there’s been three of these in the last couple weeks. (I don’t normally sub to the subreddit.)

    If there’s a rise in them, are there any cases of using the same ball for all 9 pitches?

    Of course all fouls would result in a new ball, and probably also throws that hit the dirt.

  13. Good at bat Siri…

  14. That 85mph two seam on the black was the nastiest pitch I may have ever seen

  15. That AB from Siri gave me second hand embarrassment literally watching 3 pitches in the same spot go by and not swinging

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