Emiru calls out streamers for not caring about female…

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Emiru calls out streamers for not caring about female victims and exploiting the situation

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    Train: “I’m gonna keep it a buck, but it’s pretty obvious that Miz has converted Emiru to pander the narrative and accusations diverting the embers that were befallen upon him, AND ITS SHAMELESS!!!!!”

  2. I mean she is right. All you have to look at is X and Train going after Hasan and Poki, people not involved, instead of focusing on Slick

  3. It’s so confusing that train and Adrianah herself thought that this was the perfect time to bring this up when her name and story is getting drowned out by all the bullshit noise more and more each day

  4. Bruh imagine if gambling was banned on Twitch a day sooner. Train and XQC would have been holding these “nukes” still in their backpocket for another rainy day. 🤡

  5. It really is disgusting how this SA came out. I’m glad Slick got exposed for being a sex pest Creep that was awful to women, but I’m absolutely livid at Train/xQc for weaponizing it to help protect their gambling sponsorship. Also it’s insanely hypocritical when you know about Train’s past. “Glasshouse” Andy is to busy peeking at other’s homes when his stuff is out in the open too.

  6. The two people who’s constantly hanging that threat over Miz’s head everytime he did something they didn’t like doesn’t actually care about SA? wow you don’t say!

  7. Wasn’t this whole thing started because Train wanted to make a red herring argument? He essentially threw the body of a SA victim at someone because he was getting criticized for something unrelated.

    So yeah, you sit on knowledge of someone’s SA for a year and use it to score points. Other streamers pick it up for content and drama. We consume it all because we’re like moths attracted to the flame.

    She’s completely right.

  8. Hilarious that this is a Hasan clip and a not clip from Emiru’s stream, the lack of awareness for clippers and streamers is hilarious.

  9. The thing is when Xqc was talking about it how him and Train was gathering information. Train ran to Xqc with this information why? Why does he need to tell Xqc? That makes it look like they were scheming together because everyone knows that Xqc and Train really hated Mizkif over the gambling stuff.

  10. Straight facts in this situation. That call with Train and X was like a fever dream. I still cannot believe that even happened.

  11. XQC and Train have gone from somewhat annoying but mostly harmless dumbasses to absolute pieces of shit in my opinion these past weeks.

  12. It doesn’t take a genius to come to this conclusion.

    When the MeToo stuff was happening Destiny the only big person covering that shit, a lot of those dudes privated their social media for a month, came back and pretended like nothing happened. GiantWaffle went sub only mode after a week and banned anyone that ever mentioned it.

    Despite there being tens of victims at that time it barely garnered any attention, just another news cycle and some of those cases involved actual r*pe.

    Say what you want about xqc/train – miz/poki being at eachother’s throats over this but this being such high profile will probably make the next Slick think twice about groping some sleeping girl.

  13. “I know miz is a good person”

    Bro, didn’t you say that about slick and that’s why you feel betrayed? Why would you then go out on a limb for miz? If anything, that makes miz look worse