Emi says theres no way Mizkif knew the full story

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Emi says theres no way Mizkif knew the full story

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  1. She might truly believe that and she could be right. But I’ve heard enough comments like this being said from parents and friends of some really shit people. You think you know someone, until you find out that you really don’t.

  2. If Slick can lie to Emiru a true victim herself he can easily Manipulate poor dumbass Miz. That’s what I believe until proven otherwise.

  3. From what XQC was saying, Miz was hardcore defending Slick in that call. If he truly didn’t know and was revealed that information I think the reaction should’ve been getting rid of him completely no questions asked not arguing about it in a call for 6 hours.

  4. And here we go LSF andys saying that cant be right at all, when in reality there is no proof on the otherside saying miz DID know everything

  5. One of the first things she would have done is ask Miz if he knew, i don’t know why she is wording it like she is speculating if he knew or not.

    So if it comes out that Miz did know then she is lying or Miz and everyone around her lied to her. I hope for her sake that Miz didn’t know.

  6. “i lived with slick and never knew but being around mizkif for the same amount of time i know for sure im not wrong about him”
    pr gold medal

  7. I have no idea what mizkif knew or didn’t.

    With that being said emiru take of “that’s not the person I know” could of likely easily been applied to slick as well. For her sake I hope she’s correct and he’s innocent.

  8. “Emiru running defence for Miz!” or… She’s been a victim herself in the past, Miz has done some good things for her to put himself in a good light, and now it’s hard for her to see past any potential bias she has. Not everything 6D interdimensional chess play from behind the scene puppetmasters.

  9. If the discord call gets released and Mizkif tries to cover for Slick in it like XQC said he did, it’s all over.

    Until then I’m gonna be on the not guilty side based on this statement.

  10. So many cynical juicers and trains gamba andys in this comment section. What did emi ever do to deserve to be suspected of lying for PR? This is fucked up.

  11. I don’t say this to be cynical or accusatory or dismissive, but I genuinely don’t understand why she feels she can trust mizkif so much more than she could trust crazyslick when she has known and lived with them both for around the same length of time and the two were best friends

  12. I just really hope her trust in mizkif is not misplaced

    Because I think that would be too devastating if there was a nuke drop

  13. wait this is fcking up my brain.. wasnt Miz on stream downplaying it? iirc he said that more than once

    feel sorry for emiru