Electric demand to outpace capacity for New Mexico utilities

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Electric demand to outpace capacity for New Mexico utilities

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  1. > PNM executives said the utility will have “quite a hole” to fill next summer since solar and battery storage systems that were initially expected to be online to replace the San Juan Generating Station — which is closing next week — won’t be operating as planned.

    OK, so it’s just temporary

    > El Paso Electric, a utility that serves customers in southern New Mexico, also is expecting a capacity gap next summer. Like PNM, El Paso Electric will have to buy power from other producers to ensure adequate capacity when customers crank up their air conditioners during the hottest of days.

    Yes, they are part of the SPP and Southwest electric markets for 2 different parts of the state. They are not TX. This is normal and demonstrates why being part of a larger grid is wise.

  2. New Mexico is a mess. Just driving from Texas across the border you see the difference.

    Texas has nice little cities, basic roads, and looks upkept.

    New Mexico has lots of dirty cities, overbuilt roads with safety zones and miles of concrete medians, and looks disheveled. It only gets somewhat better in the few major cities.

    I can say no other western state looks worse for wear. Only traveling through the rust belt’s collapsed industrial areas looked near that bad.

    What causes this outlier effect?

  3. A perfect illustration of what happens when government steps in to influence/coerce the market. This situation is the logical, and entirely foreseeable, consequence to recent public policy decisions.

  4. and there is a big push for electric cars. lot of good they are when they cant be charged. these cities need to build more nuke plants. havent they ever played sim city.