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  1. Online shopping can be fun, hair removal cream is good (just follow directions), a lot of cis girls are tall too. Coming out is hard, try to start with people you can trust.

  2. Shaving is indeed a time-consuming (and often painful) process, BUT! You could start by shaving just one area (e.g. left forearm, one leg, the armpits) and see how that makes you feel: do you like how smooth, how pretty, how feminine it makes you look? Admittedly, this would be a little more difficult during the hot season, but mismatched hairs on forearms/legs don’t tend to raise too many questions in my experience.

  3. Shaving takes time, I’ve gotten a lot quicker and better at it in the last year. Shopping is still super difficult, I do t get how people put together outfits. For my whole life up until last year an outfit meant jeans+ t shirt, shoes if I was leaving the house. That’s it. Women have so many kinds of clothes, it’s amazing but also in the intimidating lol

  4. Expensive 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  5. use an electric trimer than a shaving blade, idk than in a week shave using only the balde.


    the period between shaves might depend from person to person but this is what works for me

  6. Testable and difficult to test are two very different things.

    But that didn’t stop the engineers and scientists at Cern, did it?

  7. I’d recommend if you’re starting out looking at clothes maybe going to an op shop? They have a lot of variety:)

  8. i dont know what to tell you about the “feminizing grind” cause it *is* a lot of effort (i just feel its worth it), but another way to “test” things is to go on like an MMO with a female avatar and just *be* a girl. some people will still assume you are male but thats simply because of the misconception of “no girls online” you can interact with a community as a girl and find out how you feel being a girl, without putting yourself at risk in such an early stage of figuring things out.

  9. ofc trans girls will like rebecca… Dorio is the way. fuck gender binaries. punch your loved one to show affection and be able to demolish a building is the way.

  10. This is where it becomes really helpful to have queer friends. The first person I tried to talk about my gender with was my abusive ex-fiancée, and saying she freaked the fuck out would be putting it *mildly*!

    What I *asked* her to do was to start calling me using feminine pronouns and give me more “feminine-coded” compliments. I.E. beautiful instead of handsome. What I *got* was a bunch of bullshit about “why can’t you be a feminine man!?!?” and crying if I shaved. But my new queer friends have been very supportive, so hopefully you can find some too 😊

  11. I shopped for the first time at Torrid with my spouse (she’s cis). I got some looks, it once I found my size and started trying in clothes, everything washed away and I felt super happy with my body and my outlook. Mega euphoria in that changing room. Maybe you need a cis guide?

  12. A very reasonable proposition, but you are staying conclusions before testing. Break it down into the questions to test and take them one at a time.
    Are you too tall? Research and test – Contrapoints is well over six feet, as is Mia Mulder (and myself). What are the aspects of height that you theorize may stand in your way? Clothing size is a concern I will be honest, though depending on your build, lots of tall models that clothing is designed for. To test, think of an outfit you like, shop for it, see what resources are available.
    Family reaction? Test with some media discussion of chargers in shows they would normally watch it have watched. For me that’s Sense8, Orange is the new black, etc. Did they accept those characters? If not, why not? Visceral reaction or just confusion?
    Just breathe, make some lists, break it into parts, whatever works for you. You’ve got this.

  13. Start out online, it’s what I did. Shaving takes a while but you can split it up between days to cut on time and it does get faster. Also as a fellow tall girl it gets better as you go, you slowly feel more feminine, just trust me on that one. I still have no idea how to shop though.