Eating a whole salad means you will be overweight in the…

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+2324 – Eating a whole salad means you will be overweight in the near future apparently,

2022-08-06 12:45:03

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  1. “I almost exploded”
    “You’re supposed to have butterflies”
    “You’re perfect it’s just that one thing”

    Leave. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

    He can meal plan all on his onesy.

    Edit: spelling

  2. So we’ve gone from “Why don’t you eat a salad instead” to “I can’t believe you ate the whole salad!” I guess all us woman are just supposed to starve now

  3. Uh you were supposed to be so excited about him that you subsist purely on theoretical butterflies is that not enough???

  4. A whole salad? Like you ordered food then ate all of it? Come on you’re “pose” to throw half it out. /s

  5. I believe in some cultures it is the height of rudeness to NOT finish your meal? As in it’s insulting to leave food uneaten.

  6. Haha first time I ate out with my now husband I had a whole rack of ribs. He did tell me I look disgusting……but he was vegetarian so I figured that was ok.

  7. Yeah, great, now I have to worry about eating too much SALAD?! omg. Plus the whole “you was posed to have butterflies” thing sounds like he has only seen dates in bad movies, where the girl frets over everything, desperate for him to like her, orders a salad so she doesn’t seem gross but is never actual shown eating it, etc.

  8. “Tired of getting ghosted, man. All I did was tell her how to stay in shape and that I still want to hang out. How’d she get offended by that?”

    The narrative in this dude’s head. No clue that what he said was an asshole thing to say.

  9. I’m curious, what did he eat?

    Also, I grew up in the 2000s when you were supposed to order the salad and leave half (because anorexia was the look we were after apparently). I still have trouble eating in public and still leave food on my plate when I’m out. Guess what? I have a medical condition and gained 20 pounds on my meds, AND I have a horrible relationship with food into my 30s. Order whatever the fuck you want and enjoy it, because leaving half your salad only guarantees that you don’t get to enjoy the deliciousness that is your food.

  10. I made a promise to myself if I ever go on dates, eat the whole salad. Get extra croutons. Eat what I want, and enjoy it. If they get mad about it, I know to run for hills.

  11. What the hell is up with people using ‘women’ when they mean ‘woman’. I see it constantly and it’s driving me crazy. I’m 100% incompatible with people who don’t know the difference.

  12. This shit right here is why many women have insecurities / anxiety eating food around other people, either starve or hide away and eat…

  13. I thought it was usually the other way around, that they want women who can eat anything and still somehow stay skinny?

  14. If I were her I’d be arranging a second date with that idiot and bring a whole bowl of strawberry jelly butterflies to shut him up. *”Is something wrong dear? Im shoving butterflies in my stomach like u wanted”*