Drought declared across England, 50% of potato crop expected…

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  1. What happened to all those Brexiteers insisting we didn’t need to worry about food security because “we can import it all anyway”?

  2. that’ll make for a tough Christmas. “What’ll it be this year kids, presents, or roasties??”

  3. Mean while I’m sat in an office with people laughing when they hear we’ve declaring a drought with a standard blurted phrase “but we’re an island are these people for real”

    I int think they realise you can’t just dump sea water onto farmland

  4. Carrots are cheap, dead cheap. Like as many as you can hold for 15p. I wonder how many people are counting on that who have a low budget…

  5. Just remember Lizz Truss is going to “crack down” on those pesky solar farms though. So they’ll be more room for failed crops in the future.

  6. Can’t wait till we stop capitulating to archaic ways of farming where these droughts threaten the entire nation. More hydroponics like Thanet earth can literally not come soon enough it seems

  7. Then I had to read from some moron yesterday that the UK is the best country to live in coz we wont be affected by climate change as other places will…ok…

  8. The good news never stops coming.

    Don’t worry about the vegetables because we’ll all be dead from poverty, thirst and monkey pox anyway.

  9. Great.

    And I fully expect, that a few weeks past it being too late to rescue any crops, the rain will come.

    And the rain will shit down on us like a tsunami, giving us widespread flooding.

    And the tories will do….

  10. Good thing we ignored those Extinction Rebellion fuckers.

    Obstructing SUVs and making a handful of people late for work. Stupid.

    This outcome here is much more preferable than anyone being incovenienced on their commute.

  11. This eliminates the problem of not having anyone to pick up the vegs and drivers delivering them to end customers.

  12. Not that this headline will convince the Facebook comments section. They ehtiehr think that climate change is still nonsense or that the sun isn’t even that bad, despite breaking records.

  13. If it’s that bad here, France and Spain are going to have a terrible time. I’m lucky to live in NW England where the local produce should be OK.

  14. Can we get Mathew Maconahey (spelling) to pilot a ship to a new earth. But leave leave voters behind?

  15. Good job we’re part of a large trading block which would give us some shared food security.. oh wait…

  16. Well this is cheery news, not.

    So will this tackle the obesity problem?

    Will this make people thing twice about having kids?

    Before this news, the UK only has the capability to feed 50% of the population with what we produce, and with crop yields falling across Europe due to the drought the future certainly looks bleak

  17. Bunch of idiots running the country. They can buy stuff from anywhere as being wealthy. They don’t care about the normal public. Congratulations to Brexit supporters .

  18. Oop, another failure for the tories and their privatised water that they refused to nationalise.

    We’re going to see a lot worse by the time winter rolls around with the current predictions of it being as bad a winter as 2010.
    Just wait though, wait for the tories to blame literally everyone else, and wait for their voters to lap it up, blindly following what they say.

    This is all fucking ridiculous now.

  19. On the plus side your gas bill will be so high you won’t be able to afford potatoes at any price this winter.

  20. I was gonna say we will be the next Singapore and import most of our food, but then I read that Singapore imports some of their food…..from us.

    Are they in for disappointment. Along with the rest of us. Will miss the roast potatoes for Xmas.