Drinking three pints of lager as quickly as possible.

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Drinking three pints of lager as quickly as possible. from WinStupidPrizes

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  1. Not in the kitchen sink 😩

    I’m curious as to what he was expecting though, he looks strangely surprised that there’s foam being regurgitated for somebody who just downed three pints in 30 seconds.

  2. Last time I saw this posted there was an amazing comment that has stuck with me:

    “*One of wetherspoons finest athletes that is. Gullet control of a snake, with nice slim legs to stand closer to the bar and rest his engine on top*”

    Can’t find the comment to link to it.

  3. How do you look like an out of shape female P.E teacher and a male child molester at the same time?!

  4. He takes a whiskey drink.
    He takes a lager drink.
    He give back the lager drink.
    To the kitchen sink…..

  5. Tell me you’re still trying to wear clothes from your 20’s without telling you’re still trying to wear clothes from your 20’s.

  6. Nothing but class herr (pun intended):

    * dart board in the kitchen,
    * wearing a clothing brand designed for fit 20-yr-olds,
    * binge drinking in front of your kids,
    * getting Mrs to film your amazing achievement,
    * the weird shorts,
    * the Hitler haircut,….

    t’s too much

  7. The worst part about this video is how you can hear at least one child in the background. Some quality family-time

  8. It all checks out,


    Pot belly with chicken legs

    Dart board probably because he can’t drive to the pub as much as he used to on account of his drink.

    Poor kids.

  9. I did this once in college at the bar I worked at after hours. Three 16 oz pours of Old Style in one minute. I had to go the next hour with no more booze, but I was fine. This guy needs more training.