Dr K on streamers getting clipped

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Dr K on streamers getting clipped

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  1. Wait what? Sub 60 second clips with lack of context catching streamers’ reactions for a split second isn’t a way to have healthy discourse? Streamers are human and fallible? This changes everything.

  2. twitch was a MUCH different place before clips were enabled.. they had other clipping sites but it wasn’t nearly as much drama as after they added them.

  3. And honestly if there was a whole forum dedicated to clipping streamers at their worst moments to farm drama for internet points, that’d probably end up being a pretty venomous and horrible place.

    anyway what’s forsen’s take on this?

  4. >No one is recording everything you say

    Yeah that doesn’t happen magically to streamers either. Usually they press the “start stream” button from their own free will and choose to broadcast their opinions to the entire world.

    Streamers just want all the benefits and none of the downsides of pointing a camera at their face.

  5. Very true. This is why you have the right to remain silent in our constitution and why you should lawyer up even if you’re innocent so the lawyer can make sure you don’t slip up and word your sentence in a manner where you seem guilty.

  6. I mean… being clipped out of context is different than some of the drama we’ve been seeing. Although he’s talking more generally. But plenty of drama now is pretty legit.

  7. Making mistakes is fine but a lot of these clips don’t exist in a vacuum. They’re followed up by more and more and more clips of the same person making the same mistake. So now there is a pattern established and you can definitely judge people by a pattern of behaviour they exhibit. This is only true if the mistake they made is an outlier.