1. Who teaches these people they are entitled and owed and businesses deserve whatever happens because they represent economic opression and inequality? Oh, right, the schools, the media.

  2. Coming soon to your nearest Democratic stronghold.

  3. *FOod DesERtS aRe RAciST*

  4. We have a culture problem.

  5. Gotta love how the r/philadelphia thread got locked immediately with zero comments due to possible RaCiSm. Sorry, it’s not racist to call out a problem that constantly is caused by a certain group of people. We need to be able to acknowledge reality if we ever want to make this better. Philadelphia hasn’t gotten that far yet and may never get there.

  6. Would be great if a place built a store that when ransacked and looted had bars and gates that came down to lock them all inside 🤣😂🤣

  7. Why won’t you build grocery stores in our neighborhood?

  8. Obama’s fundamental transformation of the US almost complete!

  9. “Are you guys making sandwiches” fucking dying 😂😂😂 then some Felicia is twerking in the background lol

  10. The animals are in charge of the zoo.

  11. Dozens? Dozens of what?

    Oh, I get it.

  12. My favorite part was the female twerking on the counter amidst the chaos.

  13. I’d like to solve the puzzle…

  14. This is what the people of Philly voted for. Let them wallow in it.

  15. More evidence of the strong blue hold by Kenney and Krasner. When you let the criminals run the city, don’t be surprised when the business entities leave. More and more established companies are closing up their stores in Philadelphia rather then having their employees killed or having the store ransacked like the story above. You keep voting these fools in, you win an empty city full of criminals and zero tax base.

  16. I don’t know how Wawa franchises work, but if this is a corporate owned store, I’d be inclined to immediately announce its closure.

  17. I’m from this area. It’s a running joke that there are no [wawas in the hood](https://youtu.be/Jw3lIlsgjjI).

    They’ve already closed down multiple Wawa’s in center city. Bear in mind, wawa originated 5 miles from Philly. They’ve been ransacked so many times, and so many kids just walk out with items, they closed up.

    In Delaware, I lived in a very low income area, where they had to have literally armed security guards at wawa. Think about it, they’d needed an armed guard who prolly costs them $50-100 per hour to some staffing agency. Which means they were losing more than that per hour

  18. ya’ll makin food, I need a sammich!

  19. Obama’s little boys and girls at work. The 13% is despicable and are the root of all problems in the US. Very few contribute to the fabric of this country while the rest are put to destroy it. Regardless of how much we give these “people” they will not change. They are primitive by nature.

  20. If y’all wanted a Sheetz instead, just say that. God!

  21. I’m sure trump will be brought up in this 🤦‍♂️ why we never just punish the DEED is beyond me

  22. Didn’t need to watch video.

  23. What’s the problem? They’re insured!


  24. If I did that shenanigan as a youth, I’d be in juvenile detention.

    Kids today have no fear because they have no respect for anyone or anything.

    It starts in the home, parents . .

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