Dominick Cruz on Aljamain Sterling: “The way Aljo beat Yan…

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Dominick Cruz on Aljamain Sterling: “The way Aljo beat Yan after the way he was losing the first fight, that takes an extreme amount of mental toughness”
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  1. What Sterling and Yan showed in their 2 fights is that they are both amazingly good at MMA, I love those 2 fights, it’s such a high level of skill on display

    And of course, they are both super tough mentally, the people who doubted this don’t really get this sport

  2. Absolutely. Every analyst and damn near every fan parroting “Yan via whatever he wants” as a prediction for the 2nd fight.

    Aljo blocked out all that bullshit and went in focused and in the best shape of his life and executed his gameplan. That’s real champ shit.

  3. Completely agree. Not a lot of people thought he would win especially how the internet was laughing at him for the knee.

  4. He’s right. I didn’t give Aljo much of a chance but he for sure got the W. Nothing but respect after that.

  5. Aljo is mad underrated for his mental strength, man was dealing with all types of injury, one of the worst ways to win the title in the company, and came back to get a 3-2 on Yan, thats tough.

  6. People was acting like aljo was a non ranked fighter who had no chance for some odd reason. They did the same shit with edwards

  7. Yan is amazing at data gathering and wins his fights making amazing adjustments to his game plan. Sterling threw a bunch of kicks in the first. Then no more kicks the rest of the fight, giving Yan nothing to study and adjust for. Not a Sterling fan at all but he fought an incredibly smart fight.

  8. Cruz is on the money with that.

  9. 100%. I never thought aljo could maintain that output and find a way to beat yan. Aljo is built like a tank with insane cardio

  10. 2 takedowns out of 22 attempts. He knew he had no other way to win and he went balls to the wall.

  11. Always felt that the narrative for this feud was extremely flawed.

    For starters, Aljamain won round 1 in the first fight and you could argue he was winning round 2 (double sig strikes). The fight was 4 rounds and ended with an illegal knee. I know Yan takes a while to heat up but who gives a shit, if you know that coming into the fight and bank on winning the first 3 rounds that’s on Yan and he should start coming in harder.

    So we’re coming into the rematch with them 2-2 for rounds, 1-0 for fights.

    So while I’m under no pretense that Yan wasn’t going to win that fight and know that he was dominating the latter rounds; the simple fact that Aljo won rounds and made it competitive should be enough for any non-biased observer to make a case for Aljo.

    Secondly, Yan wanted no part of Aljo’s ground and we saw why. So he does fear him and respect him and he himself knows it could end badly if he isn’t cautious. Aljo won more rounds, won both fights, and has enough threat to make Yan fear him. It was a much closer matchup than people say.

  12. And lots of PEDs

  13. Bruh aljo just hugged his back and did nothing

  14. Credit and respect to Aljo but he lacks the exciting finishing factor. His striking looks like he’s feeling for a light switch in the dark and he had Yan’s back for 10 mins with zero damage or submission threat.

  15. He did it by abusing the downed fighter rule

    That is not being tough

    Anyway, he got a very lucky decision. He shouldve lost the fight mosy agree

  16. Looks like Durinho blowing us a kiss in the back.

  17. it was a lackluster fight but Aljo did what he needed to do. Aljo never threatened with anything serious and was obviously gassed in the 5th, kept stalling in the kneeling position lol

  18. and juice to be honest he looked flawless af

  19. Can’t wait for aljeimain to lose

  20. I disagree. I knew this fight will be a lot closer than first. 1) it is usually want happens after you beat someone bad, loser has that fire for payback, also Aljo could learn a lot after that loss, but Yan can’t learn much after win like that. 2) Yan had all the pressure, everyone was saying how it will be easy for him, that never helps the fighter, never, which tells us that Aljo was underrated

  21. Cruz your nose fixed yet?

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