1. This is modern romance.

  2. bro can pull girls while not even trying. wish I were him

  3. I wish that was me 😔

  4. The Romeo and Juliet of the modern age

  5. And thats how I met your mother

  6. It’s nice having wholesome posts

    And not just a bunch of either greedy, homophobic, or horny kids

  7. Is it just me or is this kinda cute and wholesome

  8. Awwww

  9. how long this screenshot been marinating for?

  10. To be honest this is more functional relationship then eny of my real life ones 😢

  11. Online dating

  12. “Relationships” when you were 12 yrs old was like:

  13. Social media romance

  14. This kid can pull more girls than I can

  15. this is so cute

  16. This song fits me perfectly

  17. And that’s how i met your father

  18. Ah, a simpler time.

  19. u/repostsleuthbot

  20. Finally a better love story than twilight

  21. Someone please photoshop the last comment to be his name itself please

  22. At first I thought this was tumblr 💀

  23. Peak romance

  24. This post fits me perfectly

  25. And I thought the way I got a boyfriend was weird

  26. Lucky.boy 🥲

  27. Ah, young love. Tis a wonderful thing.

  28. Average grade schoolers relationship

  29. Anyone want boyfriend?

  30. don’t-

  31. this song fits me perfectly

  32. which was the song?

  33. I hope I get invited to their wedding

  34. They’re way too young to be in a relationship😭-

  35. A repost, but it’s wholesome. Still upvoted 😀

  36. r/shippingredditors but youtube??

  37. A love story

  38. If they’re both around the same age then I’d consider this pretty wholesome

  39. oddly wholesome

  40. Better love story than Twilight

  41. Youtube doesn’t look like that anymore, this means they probably have great great great grandchildren at this point

  42. I hope they are gonna be happily married

  43. I love me too.

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