Do you guys think we’ll see a RDR3 this decade?

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+3478 – Do you guys think we’ll see a RDR3 this decade?

2022-08-06 03:55:45

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  1. Seeing how they stopped doing updates for RDR2 this early on I sadly don’t think we will ever see another. I hope I am wrong, but it would also be hard to outdo RDR2, it was such a good game, where the NPCs felt so alive. Should have won game of the year.

  2. Doubt it honestly. I have no real clue about Rockstar’s current schedule but if what I’ve heard is true, GTA 6 is the current focus, likely to not come out until at least 2024. Under the assumption that does happen, they’re still gonna dedicate a lot of focus to that game for a while and who knows, maybe another game like Bully or LA Noire. Then there’s that Max Payne Project which would take up some time. All in all, I don’t think they’ve done much for the game so far and probably don’t plan to for a long time. And if it’s gonna be bigger than RDR2, it’ll take a long time to develop.

  3. Likely not, but a single opportunity exists where it does. If RDR2’s engine remains relevant long enough after Grand Theft Auto 6 (Which I’m honestly really excited to see with the level of detail that was put in RDR2 and recent GTA Online trends), then there’s a chance it will be upgraded for RDR3 in a faster time frame than before. The main flaw would be that RDR3 would have to be the next game after GTA 6, no real way around it.

  4. No, but if we do it’s not going to be anywhere near as good as RDR2.

    A lot of talented people left Rockstar after RDR2.
    I don’t have high expectations for GTA6 either, and wouldn’t be surprised if the singleplayer ends up being an afterthought with the main focus going to online.

  5. The company fucked themselves over. They were literally one of the most respected gaming devs of all time. They never had one game flop. Not one Flop, that’s incredible to todays standards. Excellent story based games that are a joy to replay for eons. Until GTA ONLINE CAME ALONG

  6. I was hoping for another prequel; go back to like 1888 or whenever the gang formed, and progress up to the robbery that goes wrong and end as the second game begins.

  7. This is what made me sad after finally completing red dead 2. It took so long for it to come out and it’s gonna be another 8-10 years before the next one comes out. I hope that we could at least have the first red dead remastered before then.

  8. I’ve never heard anyone say RDR2 was a shitty game. So then why does R☆ treat it like the red-headed stepchild? I feel like they are just greedy and only care about their 9 year old cash cow.

  9. Imo I don’t think we will get an RDR game again. RDO wasn’t a cash cow that R* hoped for so I believe they won’t be spending so much resources outside of GTA. We might get a new IP but RDR3 highly doubt it.

  10. I don’t know if there will even be another R* game after GTA6. Given how long they milked GTAV without planning on it, GTA6 is probably being built from the ground up to support decades of updates.

  11. Nope. I’ve basically given up any hope my favorite games that have come out in the last 10-12 years will never get sequels Skyrim came out 11 years ago and its not even in development yet

  12. I’m happy for them to take their time as long as it’s as much of a masterpiece as the first 2. I’m wondering what time period they’ll use. I’m hoping it’s pre RDR2 so we get the early days of the gang and we can learn more about the beef with the o’driscolls

  13. RDR3 production began sometime between 2019-2021 according to a leaked resume from a ex Rockstar Games employee. So if we put two in two together we will likely see the next game between 2027-2029…

  14. I think no. I think we will never see rdr3. Countinueing a franchise is only good if you can improve it with every release. How can you improve rdr2? Its already the most detailed game.

  15. Rockstar always flourishes when they are given time, they do it with each game they release. The only thing is, they have to surpass their latest masterpiece RDR2 so they are gonna need a LOT of time.