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2022-08-06 12:08:55

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  1. I love elden ring but it is very important for me to hell no one stood in the middle of nowhere Parasite The witch was a little more complex than the last boss called google.

  2. I love Elden Ring but I’m sorry about the time you were in the car and didn’t know what to say

  3. I love elden ring but I don’t know how to play the game.

    Damn. Even my keyboard thinks I suck.

  4. I love elden Ring but it was the first one of those who have psychic reading and the only thing that changes are the ones I don’t know.


  5. I love elden ring, but the reality is that I would be open to elaborate ways to make sure new people don’t have a problem with the surrogate parents and their interaction with other people.

    Fuckin what? XD

  6. I love Elden Ring but everyone sings it

    Guess that Google thinks that I’m part of Rennala’s pupils or something