Discounts (21/9/2022)

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  1. I’ve heard that there are minor variations between the Futo GTX and the one you can take from NPCs, not enough to justify the 700k price difference

  2. I recommend the GB200 it’s a fun wee car to chuck about, great off-road too (for me at least) it’s a good get for Rally fans too as it’s the Ford RS200

  3. Call me when u don’t have to be level 165 in the tuner flc to get the princess robot bubblegum livery for the Karin futon gtx

  4. Welp I’m gonna lose my savings. Lmao need 3 of those bad boys. The 190 the 200 and the rsx. Already have most of the others. The tuners update gives you most of the tuner cars on rotation as a prize ride.

  5. The people who do these posts are the best, I really appreciate these. The damn car websites are such a pain to use