1. LVE with the big brain on motioning to go down.

  2. I would love to put every corner in the league in Digg’s shoes for that one play and see who comes up with a pick.

  3. LVE with the football IQ to tell him to get down

  4. I thought that bounced off the turf. Crazy INT!

  5. Back to back weeks of sealing the game single-handedly

  6. They were itching for it all night lol.

  7. So I wasn’t the only one having audio de sync issues late in the game?

  8. Horrible pass by Jones, but 95% of DBs drop that.

  9. Gave me the 2 points I needed to win in fantasy <3

  10. Diggs needed one to break the seal. Bet he gets another next week

  11. Incredible concentration

  12. Super cool on replay watching it bounce off his palm

  13. I love how the talking heads and haters all said, “They can’t keep up these turnovers they had last season, so the defense will regress” but it’s better this year even without the turnovers, which will come if we keep getting so much pressure on qbs

  14. Prime time Diggs

  15. Diggs is Daniel Jones daddy

  16. It was nice of Sills to fall down

  17. Damn you’re fast.

    Best in the west

  18. I feel like Cooper Rush’s dad in that gif

  19. Imagine him as a WR

    Oh wait

  20. Was nice how he finished that route for him.

  21. He looked really relieved after that. I’m sure he’s put a lot of pressure on himself to try and beat last year’s numbers.

  22. DIGGS with a second game ending play

  23. [Earlier I had called the pick, just didn’t know it was gonna be the game ender](https://www.reddit.com/r/cowboys/comments/xog9do/-/iq23fyw)

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