Did Viserys Make A Mistake?

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  1. He would have killed two birds with one stone, with Alicent he settled for only one. But maybe he thought he didn’t have much time left to live and didn’t want to risk it by waiting for Laena to come of age.

  2. The king’s mistake was not noticing the divide in the greens and blacks.
    (Guessing since I didn’t finish the story)

  3. Like they are both gorgeos.

    It was more of a political mistake since Rae could have still married the pretty valerian boy.

  4. I mean yeah but not for that reason. She was 12. He made the mistake of trying to be a good man instead of a good king.

  5. In Westerosi traditions it was a huge universe defining mistake that had permanent implications. Sad that Westeros is such a shit society that the right move was to marry the 12 year old.

  6. Marrying Alicent yes, not marrying Laena no. He should’ve never remarried if he really wanted Rhaenyra as an uncontested heir. He should’ve kept Daemon as Rhaenyra’s heir(changing line of succession rather than kicking him out all together) I think remarrying was just opening the door for people to contest Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne.

  7. His main mistake was to disinherit Daemon / to name Rhaenyra his heir. You don’t singlehandedly overrule succession laws when you don’t want a civil war.

  8. Is anyone gonna talk about the most egregious mistake of all? The costume people need to do something about those busted wigs. So bad.

  9. Here I was thinking this would be a discussion about his decisions

    it would be nice if there was a subreddit limited to discussing plot and characters…

    Not interested in these posts ogling over actors, it feels like twitter lol

  10. No. I think Emily Carey is still beautiful. It’s kind of insulting that you’re implying Emily wasn’t “hot enough” to be the queen