Destiny’s guest asks him to fabricate a story to make it…

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Destiny’s guest asks him to fabricate a story to make it seem Pokimane is sex trafficker, then asks if he would fuck her

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692 shares, 851 points


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  1. Sneako is so fucking stupid that it’s almost a guarantee he’ll get himself deplatformed within the year. He can’t help himself, as Destiny said he’s a bot.

  2. Sneako is on another level of dumbassery my god ! Make X and Train looks like pure geniuses.

    Edit : Muta is shredding him holyyyyy…

  3. Sneako is like an AI whose electrics were damaged in a fire and is now a half melted sputtering wreck that is slowly short circuiting itself.

  4. Genuine question why do people hate pokimane so much ? always praying on her downfall and shit. It can’t just be regular incel behaviour

  5. The way women get treated in this industry is vile, because whatever these incels say will be echoed all over social media to said creators.

  6. I hope someone sees this and can help me but I read reddit mainly on mobile (iPhone – Apollo app) and 96% of the youtube links i’ve clicked on in the past couple days from Destiny’s streams do NOT link to the correct clip. they have the name of the clip and the stream it’s from, but start either at the beginning of the stream or legitimately some random fucking spot that is NOT the clip’s time stamp.
    I’m kind of a moron so im hoping someone can tell me why these fucking links don’t work most of the time, but sometimes are perfect.
    also where the fuck is the mirror bot for youtube clips!!
    pls help am high

    3- I figured it out I can click the link, then go to safari, then from there open the youtube app and it works perfect!ly

  7. Was that muta who made the initial deranged comment? Sitting in a call with train and sneako rotted his brain fast holy

  8. So many braindead people in this world. Who in there right fucking mind would think this is a bright idea let alone a good one.. Jesus